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Barbados Hotels

The sovereign Island of Barbados is only small at approximately 34km long, but it contains a whole load of personality. The island itself is known for its sunny days, palm trees and beaches, more or less painting the perfect desert island picture.

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Most of the resorts and hotels on the island are located on the beaches either side of the largest residential area, Bridgetown. This makes for some stunning scenery right on the doorstep of your accommodation, and really adds to your Barbados holiday. If you’re looking for a picturesque hotel with plenty of character then the Coral Reef Club could be for you. Although the price is slightly higher than some of the hotels, this is a real slice of perfection set on Barbados’ gorgeous shores. To spend a little less but remain on the sandy shores, the Beach View hotel is a more typical family friendly spot with loads of apartments to choose from and multiple swimming pools. The hotel itself is located just off the beach so you won’t miss out on any sunbathing time. There are, of course, other ways to sample Barbados, like the many villas on the island. If you want a secluded stay with your own space and some privacy then this is a great way to visit the island.

Things to do

Barbados might be small but the list of on-island activities certainly isn’t. During your stay why not go caving through Harrison’s Cave? There are plenty of tours to book and you can often find yourself with a guide between five or less people. In the caves you will learn about the rocky formations and see impressive sights through torchlight that are really different to the gorgeous island above. For an activity with a little more sunlight try a visit to Saint Peter’s Jacobean mansion and ex-plantation house. Here you can learn about the history of the island and see the beautiful grounds within. Inside the house there are realistic displays showing the way the house would have looked during its heyday. Once you have worked up a thirst exploring the gardens you can sample and purchase their 10 and 15-year-old rums.