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Australia Hotels

Australia is a huge country so choosing where you might like to stay can feel like an impossible task at first. The good news is that the climate is great all across the whole country, ranging from very hot and humid in the north to a cooler temperature in parts of the south, so you can choose the best one for you.

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Popular destinations in Australia

Why choose to stay in Australia

The country is so diverse that many people choose to stay there for a considerable period of time while they travel the world, and sometimes never leave. The climate and scenery are undeniably huge draws of this sunny country. No matter which part of the country you stay in you’ll find the people hosting you to be friendly and well-used to having visitors from the UK, thanks to the popularity of Australia as a destination.

Famous places to see

Sydney is a great location to visit, and one of Australia’s most famous destinations. In Sydney you’ll have the chance to locate yourself anywhere around the iconic skyline that represents the city so well. The city is parked on the mouth of the Hawkesbury River, and the world-famous opera house dominates the water’s edge. Sydney’s a great spot to stay in since the combination of Aussie wild life and dense city gives you a really unusual balance. Perth is another firm favourite of UK holiday goers packed with great Australian hotels, and should you choose to stay there during your trip you won’t be disappointed. Perth’s routes still influence the city today, and if you want to learn more about aboriginal Australia then it’s a great city to visit. While there you can check out the Art Gallery of Western Australia, or take a trek through the Swan Valley Wilderness.

The outback in Australia

In most parts of the country you’ll find it easy to book an organised trip into the outback, and have reasonably priced experts show you the wonders of the Australian wilderness. On your travels through the desert you’ll be able to see places where it’s thought that some of the first ever people spent their days, and even older than that, you can explore prehistoric attractions like the Lark Quarry Dinosaur Trackways. Amongst the red desert you can check out famous natural sights like the Uluru and Kata Tjuta, or Ayers Rock and Mount Olga by their English names. Ayers Rock is an iconic sandstone structure in central Australia, famous for its part in the aboriginal lifestyle. Mount Olga is a domed rock formation not far out of Alice Springs. Of course, if you do find yourself around the Alice Springs Desert Park, it’s only right to take a trip inside to see the native wildlife in one of its best-maintained locations.