Tuscany Holidays

Tuscany holidays

Tuscany is one of Italy’s most famous regions and a really popular destination with lastminute.com. The region is home to Florence, Siena, Pisa and many more typical Italian getaway spots. Tuscany holidays are perfect for enjoying wine and relaxing in the Italian sun. 

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Must see

If you’re looking for iconic scenery it doesn’t get much better than the Leaning Tower of Pisa. The tower isn’t the only thing to see here though. Since the Pisa Cathedral is only a short walk away you won’t find it hard to fill the time. To finish your day off properly why not take a walk through the holy field of Camposanto, a huge cemetery with a real air of peace and tranquillity.

Tuscany’s history in art and culture is world famous, and during your stay you will get the chance to see a series of classical pieces. Michaelangelo’s David, his famous nude sculpture, can be visited at the Accademia Gallery. Of course there are other famous Italian artists whose work is on display in Tuscany, not least Botacelli’s Madonna and Child which is displayed in Spedale degil Innocenti of Florence, giving you the chance to see some of the most famous paintings in the world, all across this region.

The famous Italian horse race, Palio di Siena, is held in Tuscany. The event happens twice a year, and is steeped in Italian tradition. Although the main focus of the day is the horse racing, the event makes for a great day out, with plenty of other things to see.

The Italian countryside

The famous Italian Wine Trail snakes through Tuscany, and can be a great way to travel between Florence and Siena, sampling some of the world’s finest wines. There are plenty of organised tours, as well as opportunities to travel along the trail yourself. On the wine trail you’ll find huge Italian vineyards and picturesque scenery.

Tuscany is a beautiful region of Italy. On your visit you will be able to see both the Apuan Alps and the striking coast line, which makes countryside exploration just as convenient as relaxing on beaches. Many of the Italian towns in the region offer great day trips. Terre Senesi, renowned for its wine, sits on top of a hill and contains some of the only Medieval architecture still surviving in Italy today. The town is surrounded by vineyards, so its impressive selection of fine wines is no surprise.

Tuscany has everything you could want from a European trip. Visit soon with lastminute.com to sample the wine, see the world famous sights and learn more about some of Europe’s most famous culture.