Holidays to Tunisia 

With beautiful beaches and thousands of years of history, why not explore Tunisia this year? Tunisia is found in the northern-most part of the African continent and its glorious coastline borders the Mediterranean Sea. Sitting just across the water from Sicily, you’ll find plenty of culture and sights to discover on your holidays to Tunisia.

Tunisia is on our list of the best summer destinations. So if you’re looking for a little inspiration we’ve pulled together our list of the Top 10 summer holiday destinations.

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Attractions in Tunisia

Tunis is the country’s capital city and the largest of all the cities within Tunisia, and is home to some incredible historical and architectural treasures. Tunisia offer a real taste of Roman Africa, and whether you’re visiting with family, friends or a special loved one, you’ll be sure to see some amazing sights.

Home to some of the finest Roman sites and ruins on the globe, a holiday to Tunisia is a chance to witness the amazing medinas of Tunis and Sousse and the ruins of the Punic town of Kerkouane. More proof of the country’s history can be seen in the impressive UNESCO World Heritage Sites of Phoenician and Roman Carthage. There is also some superb Islamic architecture to admire whilst you wander around Tunisia.

Beaches in Tunisia

Holidays in Tunisia are great for relaxing. Kick back on one of the country’s beautiful beaches along its northeast coastline. Sunbathe on Sidi Ali El Mekki and watch the calming movements of the Mediterranean, or venture slightly out towards the Isle of Djerba to take in a different view of the gorgeous landscape.


You can stroll around town at your own pace, as shops and stalls usually stay open until the early evening. Places like Rue Jamaa Zitouna in Tunis’ main souk are quite popular with tourists, and so stay open even later. Traditional markets play a huge role in the national culture, and the souks also offer great places to relax and absorb Tunisian life.

Food and Nightlife

You can try some truly delicious food in beautiful Hammamet, including at the biggest disco in Tunisia, Cocoloco, which offers great music every night and a range of tasty Mediterranean dishes. Grab a refreshing beer or tailor-made cocktail at the popular Manhattan Nightclub, which has a warm atmosphere and is known as one of the hottest places to party in Tunisia.

In Hammamet, Sousse, Port el Kantaoui and elsewhere, you’ll find an endless string of lively bars and clubs which stay open until the early morning, so you can dance the night away. Try also Red Iguana in Port el Kantaoui or Calypso, which hosts top international DJs nights.

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Discover the nation of Tunisia on your holiday and open yourself up to an African paradise full of history, glorious sand and a booming night scene. The perfect place to holiday for all ages, you can sample the local delicacies and stroll around the different markets that Tunisia offers. Or, if you’re visiting to purely relax, then the wide coastline will give you more than ample room to do this on. Check out our great selection of cheap Tunisia holidays and get inspired for an incredible getaway.

Tunisia Travel Information:

Language: Arabic, Shilha, French / Currency: Tunisian Dinar / Local time: GMT + 1 hour