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Tsilivi holidays

The second you step into Tsilivi you’re made to feel like you’re a returning old friend. With a friendly atmosphere and welcoming locals, holidays in Tsilivi are the well-deserved break you’ve been waiting for. The holiday resort of Tsilivi in Zante is one of the few that has managed to resist becoming a tourist trap of tongue-in-cheek souvenir shops and overcrowded beaches. It may be the second largest resort after Laganas but it has still managed to retain much of its authentic Greek heritage. Although restaurants and bars come in all shapes and sizes, if you dig a little deeper you can still find the elegant eateries and the tantalising tavernas. There is a great range of family run businesses throughout Tsilivi with recipes and concoctions that have been passed down generations. Make sure you try the local Zakynthian Ladotyri cheese and wash it down with a cheeky glass of ouzo.


Experience a different Zante nightlife

Much of the nightlife in Zante is associated with garish clubs and unusually florescent cocktails but holidays in Tsilivi offer something a little different. Evenings in the resort are a much more sophisticated affair and, although it’s still possible to stumble half way back to the hotel and fall asleep in the sand, you won’t experience the chaos and club 18-30 environment that is found elsewhere on the island. If that is your kind of thing then look no further than along the road a bit in Laganas and Kalamaki. In Tsilivi you can watch the sun setting dramatically over the horizon and take a late night dip in the warm water. Enjoy a cold drink along the beachfront and immerse yourself in a laidback Grecian atmosphere.

Find some peace and quiet

Although holidays in Tsilivi may not be as commercialised as some of its neighbours, the resort itself can still get quite busy. The excited buzz is ideal for some but those who want to escape to a bit of peace and quiet can do so easily. The nearby resorts of Alykes and Kypseli are much more peaceful and have a very relaxed way of life. Alternatively Zante Town is a nice place to get a culture fix away from all the party goers. However you decde to spend your time on a Tsilivi holiday, booking with means that you’ll have a fantastic and affordable deal. Keep the change for your spending budget and have a drink, or two, on us! Book all your holidays to Greece with

Tsilivi Holiday Travel Information



Local time
GMT/BST +2 hours

Local airport

Flight time

4 hours

Transfer time
25 hours