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Holiday ideas and travel inspiration for 2022 

After another year of disrupted travel, ever-changing rules and uncertainty, perhaps it’s no surprise that we look to 2022 with high expectations for holidays. The latest search trends from show bookers often fall into two camps - but that doesn’t mean the options are limited. Far from it! People are more determined than ever to get out there, embrace new experiences and enjoy everything the world has to offer. 

In 2021, some of us were lucky enough to squeeze in a short break, as much-loved European holiday destinations opened up to double-vaxxed travellers. Getting an annual fix of sightseeing, sun & sand, or simply a change of scene, felt like the ultimate treat. For others, the additional admin associated with flying overseas proved the perfect excuse to go further and for longer - with extended summer holidays a popular choice for Brits. While for many, staycations were a worthy alternative, giving locals the opportunity to finally explore those tourist hotspots and areas of natural beauty close to home. Hotels were no longer the only accommodation option either, with holiday homes and apartments providing home comforts and extra flexibility in a year of restrictions. 

As more possibilities open up in 2022, all that’s left to decide is: what type of holiday appeals most to you?

What you know or
What’s new?

Return to favourite views

For anyone that usually has an annual trip to the same tried-and-tested spot booked a year in advance, absence is sure to have made the heart grow fonder. It might be returning to favourite childhood haunts, for a taste of nostalgia, or holiday hotspots that promise great weather and good times. From Cornwall’s beaches to the Yorkshire coast and north Wales, UK holidays peaked in 2021, with many Brits falling back in love with our home country. Meanwhile, people with their heart set on a European summer break are already looking at ever-popular Greece and Spain for 2022. With guaranteed sunshine, gorgeous beaches and delicious cuisine on offer - what’s not to love? Sometimes there’s comfort to be found in the places you know best.

Discover a new perspective

Maybe some time away from travelling has opened minds to the myriad options we have available. New destinations, different types of holiday and more ways to travel - all this means that now, the world really is your oyster. So perhaps it’s time to look beyond the obvious seven-nights in the sun and bank holiday city break - or at least, balance those with some alternative holidays too!

Want a change from the typical beach vacation - why not try Italy’s lakes? Instead of your usual French ski trip, give Bulgaria’s ski slopes a go. It’s also the perfect time to cast a wider net and search beyond what’s on our doorstep in Europe... the crystal-clear waters of the Caribbean are surely worth a longer flight time. Start the year as you mean to go on and embrace something new in 2022.

Quick holiday fix or
Worth the wait 

Last-minute getaways

How many of us spent hours of 2021 daydreaming about all the places we want to go? With the must-visit list growing and fewer opportunities to get away, travellers are eager to start making plans again. Like, now! 

The good news is, with numerous flights to awesome short-haul locations year-round, all you have to decide is: where to go first? And in the time it takes to make a mid-week cuppa you could be booked and ready to spend the weekend in a whole different country. With a spontaneous trip, the holiday starts as soon as you land - or pull into the station, if you opt for one of the European capitals connected to London by train: Paris, Brussels and Amsterdam. So, what are you waiting for?

Trip of a lifetime

For some globetrotters, half the fun of a holiday is in the planning. Taking the time to research exotic locations, luxurious accommodation, unique experiences and all those finer details that make up the trip of a lifetime. We’ve certainly had enough downtime to think about it… When you’ve been dreaming for that long, the next getaway better be worth the wait. 

Whether you’ve always wanted to see the Northern Lights, spent months mapping out the perfect road trip or safari, or maybe just want to upgrade that beach break to 5-stars all the way. Travellers won’t miss another opportunity to visit those places and enjoy the adventures they’ve always imagined. Now it’s time to take ideas off the bucket list and just book it!

Bustling city break or
Breakaway from the crowds 

Non-stop activities in a busy city

The holidays we crave often highlight the things missing from our daily lives. No wonder then, after several months of lockdown, many travellers are itching to immerse themselves in vibrant cities and pack their holiday with cultural experiences and events. Missed the rush of live shows, exploring the newest exhibitions or simply love passing a few hours people-watching in a different place? City breaks in European capitals and top US destinations fit the bill for travellers looking for a packed itinerary after mulling over empty months in the diary.

Remote hideaways for R&R

For those who have enjoyed calm and solitude away from the masses, carrying this serenity into their holiday is more important than ever. Whether that’s finding quieter spots in and around major cities, escaping to remote islands from northern Europe to the Caribbean, or discovering brand new destinations away from other tourists. Many travellers have found a new appreciation for holidays in nature - while for others, desperate for the chance to really switch off from daily life, a secluded spa break or yoga retreat ticks all the boxes. 

Finding accommodation that offers space - even better, the feeling of a home away from home - appeals to anyone whose real idea of a holiday is spending time with people you know and love. In this case, it’s not only about where you travel but how you do it.

One-stop package or
Pack it all in

Everything in one place

For anyone wanting to enjoy every moment of their long-awaited 2022 holiday, there’s no time to be wasted getting from A to B, planning the day’s itinerary or choosing somewhere for breakfast. From the moment you arrive in a resort, the biggest decision you’ll have to make is, ‘which flavour ice-cream shall I have today?’. 

All-inclusive holidays have always been popular with families, because there really is something to keep the whole brood happy. But this option can also suit all different types of travellers - from adrenaline-junkies to discerning foodies. Plus, with hotels based in some of the world’s most beautiful locations, you’re not going to tire of the view. Finally, staying in one place for a week or two doesn’t sound so bad.

A trip that does everything

With holidaymakers who prefer to pack every day with a different view, new cuisine, activity or attraction, the first trip of 2022 is going to have to work pretty hard. However you choose to get from place to place - backpacking, road tripping, by boat or train - each day should offer a brand new selection of experiences. 

Travelling around a country (or even a few) presents great opportunities to embrace the local culture and see what lies between the most popular stopping points. Plus, you get to tick more places off your to-do list! From driving down the west coast of America or exploring the diversity of South East Asia, to island-hopping in the Mediterranean. Why settle for one destination when you can enjoy so many in the same trip.

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