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From the medieval streets of Tuscany, to the glamorous coastline of French Rivieria, the 2024 Tour de France is set to pack some truly stunning, and challenging, scenery into its 21 race days. Spanning four countries in total - Italy, San Marino, Monaco and France - the 2024 route includes two historic firsts: the race's first ever Grand Départ in Italy, and the first time the final stage has not been held in Paris, instead swapping the French capital for the sun-soaked streets of Nice.

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This year's Grand Départ takes place in Florence, a city well-known for its museums, culture and cuisine, as well as its medieval streets. During the race's first three days, the race route will take in some of Italy's most inspirational cities, Rimini, Bologna and Turin, as well as the breathtaking scenery of the Adriatic coast and the mountain peaks of the Appenines and Italian Alps.


While 2024 marks the first time ever that the Tour de France won't visit the country's capital, there are still plenty of iconic French sights along this year's route. These include the world-famous wine regions of Burgundy and Champagne, the peaks of the Pyrenees, Massif Central and the French Alps, much of the country's Mediterranean coastline and historic cities like Mâcon, Dijon and Orléans. And this year's final stage, a hilly time trial from Monaco to Nice is set to be a thrilling end to the race.


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