Tanzania holidays

When it comes to luxury holidays, nothing says exotic more than Tanzania. This incredible African country has absolutely everything. You can climb the continent's highest mountain, Kilimanjaro, see spectacular animal migrations across the Serengeti, then put your feet up on the sun-bleached sands of Zanzibar. So if wildlife, scenery and sunshine is on your bucket list - think about taking a holiday to Tanzania and read on to find out how to plan your trip of a lifetime.

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Our top all inclusive holidays in Tanzania

Top sights in Tanzania 

When you think of Tanzania holidays, you will probably imagine going on a safari holiday. While you can, of course, go in search of the amazing big game animals, Tanzania and its main coastal resort, Zanzibar, are also paradise beach holiday destinations. Add in the fascinating culture and delicious cuisine and you have an incredible holiday destination waiting to be explored.

  •  There's loads going on when it comes to things to do in Zanzibar and Tanzania. From relaxing on idyllic beaches to water sports and, of course, unforgettable safari experiences. Zanzibar give you that relaxed island vibe and so much more. The reefs surrounding the island are excellent for diving and snorkeling, and deep-sea fishing is great further out. Nungwi has a beautiful, wide beach and the area focuses on turtle conservation which can be seen in natural aquariums. Explore the Kiwengwa Caves, with their impressive structures and sunlight flooding in through holes in the roof. Stone Town is the old part of Zanzibar Town, vibrant and ancient. Join in with the busy everyday life of the island's people at food markets and fish auctions. The Palace Museum, the Former Slave Market, and the National Museum tell of the island's turbulent past. You can also take a day trip to Prison Island to see the giant tortoises.

  •  Tanzania beach holidays offer stunning stretches of white sand and the warm, dazzlingly blue water of the Indian Ocean. In Arusha, at the base of the volcanic Mount Meru, you can enjoy a cooler climate, an excellent array of cuisines, and visit the world's only Tanzanite museum. Arusha is the starting point for many safari tours, going from the busy city to the vast plains is quite a contrast. Visits to Masai villages can be organised, where you will be welcomed by traditional performances and leave with handmade souvenirs.

Things to do in Tanzania

 Top things to see on Tanzania holidays include the amazing wildlife in their natural surroundings. Unguja island off the east coast of Tanzania, more commonly known as Zanzibar has an interesting history and unique culture.

  •  Safari, but not as you'd think. A marine life safari at Mafia Island Marine Park or the Maziwe Island Marine Reserve that appears during low tide offer a glimpse of an underwater world. 

  •  The world-famous Serengeti National Park is one of 13 protected parks in Tanzania where you can go on safari. Spotting lions, giraffes, zebra, and hippos is an unmissable experience. 

  • Mount Kilimanjaro towers above the grasslands below at 5,895 metres. Climbing to the summit takes around eight hours if you're up to the challenge. 

  • Stone Town is the old part of Zanzibar Town, vibrant and ancient. Wander around the remains of the Old Fort from 1699 or visit some of the many temples, mosques, and churches which reflect the island's mix of cultures. 

  • Olduvai Gorge, known as the cradle of mankind, is where remains of the first human species were discovered dating back almost two million years. Located in the Ngorongoro Conservation Area in the north of the country, the gorge is exceptionally important in understanding where humans came from.  

Best time of the year to visit Tanzania

The best time to go to Tanzania is during the dry season which is from July to October. This is the perfect time for a romantic couples or family holiday. Those who are looking for more adventurous Tanzania holidays won't mind a little rain or the cheaper prices from December to March. January and February is the best time to visit the Serengeti to see the wildebeest migration and calving.

How to get to Tanzania

 Kilimanjaro International Airport near Arusha and Julius Nyerere International Airport near Dar es Salaam are the main airports in Tanzania. When travelling to Tanzania or Zanzibar flights usually connect in another location before continuing on to the final destination. Flights usually take 12-14 hours in total to both Tanzania and Zanzibar. Both locations are three hours ahead of GMT.

Tanzania is known for:

 A country of 30 million, with around 120 different ethnic groups each with their own language, Tanzania is a melting pot of culture. Swahili is the official language of Tanzania and English is a widely-spoken second language. Traditional dress, dance and cuisine can be seen and tasted throughout the country.

Extra tips

 UK passport holders may be able to get a single entry visa on arrival in Tanzania, but it is recommended to apply for one before you travel. A visa can be obtained from the Tanzanian High Commission in London. Vaccinations may also be required before travelling to Tanzania or Zanzibar, check with a medical professional. You may also be interested in great lastminute.com deals to these other destinations: 



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