Switzerland Holidays

Beautiful countryside and impressive cities. Switzerland is known for its beautiful Nordic scenery and great skiing holidays. However, the climate is actually not unlike the UK and the cooler weather means the opportunity to experience lots of fun activities. 

Mountains and wilderness

The Matterhorn is considered a symbol of Switzerland by many. If you choose to visit this huge snow-capped mountain on the border of Italy, you’ll have a huge choice of tours and hikes along most of its 1.4km slopes. The river Rhine is another great natural Swiss sight, with plenty to see all along its banks. One of the most exciting spots along the river is the Rhine Falls. Crashing waves overlooked by various walkways and observatory decks make for an impressive spectacle, and with a whole host of hotels available nearby, it’s easy to make a trip of it.

The impressive Chillon Castle sits on the edge of Lake Geneva, and offers regular tours of the surrounding area by boat and on foot. Once you’ve taken in the castle and lake, hop on a boat, bus or walking trail across to Montreux, home of the famous annual jazz festival and to a statue of Queen’s lead singer, Freddie Mercury.

City life

Geneva offers a whole host of places to visit, like Pierre’s Cathedral. Visit here and you can take in this beautiful old building amongst Geneva’s aged architecture. Not far away at all is the Eglise Russe, a piece of Russian architecture surrounded by the typically Swiss.  Geneva also plays host to the Museum of Natural History and Red Cross Museum. Both are great ways to learn more about Switzerland as they focus on the history of the country and its humanitarian past.

The city of Basel is Switzerland’s other major gem. This is a really fun and family friendly city with plenty of activities to explore. If you’re looking for a lively day out, the Lange Erlen Animal Park is a perfect place to meet some of the Swiss wildlife. Not one to be outdone, Basel also has an impressive selection of buildings to spot around the city, not least the red sandstone and coloured tiles of the Basel Minster.

Not too far away you will find the Jean Tinguely Museum. Here you can see a whole host of contemporary art from around the country. Once you have a taste for the culture of Switzerland, why not take in a show at the famous Fauteuil Theatre, also located in the city centre.

Switzerland holidays are the perfect choice if you want to experience a different culture and make the most of your days away.