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Spanish Pyrenees holidays

The Spanish Pyrenees hold some impressive titles for ski destination of Europe. Did you know that Spain is Europe’s second most mountainous country after Switzerland? It might come in second place but Spain is so much cheaper isn’t going to complain. The Pyrenees has 200 summits over 2000m and luckily the Spanish peak of Pico d’Aneto (rising to an impressive 3,404m) is the highest. The Spanish Pyrenees are easily accessible from a huge number of mainland cities and offer levels of difficulty from beginner to Olympic athlete or dare devil.

Snow, Sun and golden eagles – A holiday to the Spanish Pyrenees will surprise you

Sierra Nevada is one of the best ski resorts you can visit and luckily for all you snow bunnies out there it’s also one of the most easy to reach. Being one of the most southerly ski resorts in Europe it’s flooded by day-trippers, tourists and pretty much anyone who has an urge to go and get a bit frosty up on the slopes. One of the biggest and, in our opinion, strangest facts about this particular resort is its close proximity to Malaga means you can split your day between strutting your stuff on the slopes and sunning on the beach by the Med. It’s almost too bizarre to believe but you’ll have to trust us; the Pyrenees stretch all the way from the Atlantic Ocean on one side to the Mediterranean on the other. The ski season typically falls between December and April, although Sierra Nevada runs between November and May, due to its massive elevation. The largest number of resorts are scattered around the Catalan area of the Pyrenees but most are of a world class standard.

Huge swathes of the Pyrenees have been protected due to their outstanding natural beauty and importance to conservation. Trips and tours are available up in the mountains and forests. Wildlife you can spot includes the magnificent golden eagle, dangerous wild boar, ferocious wild cats and families of native Ibex wandering the slopes. There are about a million more species of animal and plant out there but we’ll keep them a surprise for when you go out on an icy safari.

The food you should expect, and will come to love, is Tapas. The quintessentially Spanish dish has its own mountainous quirks in the Pyrenees and you’ll find it spread throughout a number of alpine bars, 5* restaurants and local taverns. Other food will have a French or Catalan influence due to the Pyrenees acting as a border between Spain and France. It’s best to visit local restaurants to get a real burst of authentic culture and flavour. Entertainment varies between town and resort but generally there is a prevalence of alpine bars in the quieter places and a more developed bar and club scene in the bigger sites.

Great skiing in great surroundings

A Spanish Pyrenees holiday offer world-class skiing in a huge variety of resorts. Each has something different to offer but you’ll be guaranteed of beautiful surroundings, great piste and amazing value. Book all your holidays to Spain with

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