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The island bliss that is the Seychelles has all the elements of a tropical paradise. Warm sparkling seas, white beaches, arching palm trees – it ticks all the boxes and more. But far from being a beach-holiday stereotype, the archipelago offers plenty more to see and do. It’s also surprisingly affordable. You can go for the luxury options and spoil yourself every day, yet with forward planning a visit there can be memorable and cost-effective.

The weather may be a big consideration before you book, and if you want to avoid the monsoons, arrange your trip between May and October. Things change in November and although warmer winds arrive the rain is more frequent. December and January is when rainfall is at its heaviest.

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Scenery and nature

Hours can be spent simply sitting and admiring your surroundings during your Seychelles holiday; the setting is just as you see in the brochures, but this is reality. Mahe is the largest of all the islands with an area of lush rainforests that cover the mountains. Praslin is peppered with small villages that look out to the calm seas. This is the second largest of the Seychelles’ islands, but with a small population it always feels tranquil. Take a boat from Praslin to Cousine Island to discover the sea birds before hopping over to Curieuse Island to meet giant tortoises. Tiny La Digue has some of the best beaches in the world. Long curves of gleaming white sand are common in the south, while the coast of Anse Source D’Argent is fringed with imposing granite boulders.

Outdoor activities

These unforgettable settings provide the perfect backdrop for the many activities available on the islands. Snorkelling and scuba diving come highly recommended, as they let you see another side of the archipelago. Another great way to explore the coves, bays and hidden areas is by boat. You can skipper a sailing or motor boat and drift slowly by, taking in the magnificent views. From the shore or boat you can go fishing for tuna, barracuda, marlin and more. If you want to stretch your legs and explore on foot, find the Dauban Museum on Silhouette Island before heading to the Arul Mihu Navasakthi Vinayagar Temple on Mahe.

Food and drink

Sitting down to eat gives you another opportunity to soak up the relaxing atmosphere and pleasant scenery. There are small cafés and bar restaurants right on the beach at Mahe and Praslin Island serving Creole cuisine which has its roots in Africa. Mediterranean and other international foods are easy to find, including Indian, Italian and Thai. The resorts and hotels typically offer a buffet of fresh seafood and vegetables, which is often included within the price of your accommodation. As anywhere else, you can spend big and indulge in fine dining or be frugal and make your funds go further. Complete the postcard scene by sipping on a cocktail as you look out to sea, or opt for the local beer called eku.