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San Antonio Bay Holidays
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San Antonio Bay Holidays

San Antonio Bay is famous for being one of the most beautiful stretches of coastline on the island of Ibiza, if not in the whole Mediterranean. The area offers the best of both worlds, with a thriving club scene in the town of San Antonio itself, on the north side of the bay, and a string of tranquil beaches that spreads out further to the south.

While San Antonio is very much geared up towards the crowds that come here for the nightlife, you’ll find plenty of other towns and villages along the bay which offer a much more family-orientated experience.

San Antonio Bay Holidays

There’s plenty to see and do during a holiday to San Antonio Bay. You’ll never be far away from a beach in this area, with a great selection of sandy coves to choose from. While the beaches around the town of San Antonio tend to get pretty busy (especially around the peak months of July and August), head a little further down the coast, and you’ll soon find a quieter spot. There are some superb places for sunbathing in the Bay, and the warm waters are perfect for swimming in. Thanks to the excellent visibility in these waters, scuba diving is also a popular local pastime. Visit one of the numerous diving schools in the Bay to hire out scuba gear, or book yourself in for a lesson or a guided tour. Other water sports on offer in the area include windsurfing, kayaking and jet skiing.

The local nightlife is another great reason to plan a holiday to San Antonio Bay. San Antonio itself is famed for its great selection of super clubs, most of which are open right through to dawn. However, there are plenty of more relaxed venues you can go to spend a pleasant evening. Head down the Bay to find countless cafés, bars and music venues, many of which boast spacious outdoor terraces overlooking the sea.

You’ll find a good selection of shops and markets around San Antonio Bay, although if you’re looking for the big name designer outlets, you’ll need to head into San Antonio town. The same goes for eating out; there are many restaurants scattered around the bay, but the best choice can be found in San Antonio, which boasts a broad selection of local and international cuisines.

Cheap Holidays in San Antonio Bay

The town of San Antonio is famed for its nightlife, and attracts countless visitors each year. As a result it can sometimes be a little pricey. However, a holiday to San Antonio Bay allows you to find better value for money in one of the smaller towns along the nearby coastline, while still getting all the benefits associated with the area. Book all your holidays to Spain with us here at

San Antonio Bay Travel Information

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