Puerto Banus Holidays

Puerto Banus Holidays

Stepping into Puerto Banus you’d be mistaken for think you’ve just walked into St Tropez or Cannes. The people are beautiful, the scenery is stunning, and you can almost smell the money in the air. Everything about Puerto Banus is glitz and glam from the million dollar yachts to the cocktails that take half an hour to make. Celebrities flock to Puerto Banus and in this port the party doesn’t stop until you do. Although smaller than its neighbour Marbella, Puerto Banus certainly makes up for any lack of size with style. Along the promenade champagne bars spill out onto the beach and the super clubs draw in the night owls in with their trance like music. One thing is for certain on a holiday in Puerto Banus. You’re going to have the most fun you’ve had in a long time.

Ditch the martini glass and step into the old town

From sea level Puerto Banus looks modern, perfect and incredibly lively but if you take a few steps past the promenade and step into the old town, you’d never believe you’re in the same place. The winding narrow streets cross each other in a maze of boutiques, cafes and bars. If you’re looking for a peaceful dinner away from the party centre you’ll find plenty of tapas bars hidden away in the back streets. The locals of Puerto Banus mostly keep to the old town and are always happy to share a few drinks with visitors. The two areas of the town are a contrast that you’ll struggle to find anywhere else during a holiday in Spain and that’s what makes holidays to Puerto Banus completely unique. Whilst on holiday in Puerto Banus you can easily take a trip to Malaga or any other resorts in Costa Del Sol.

Get your paparazzi crouch on

Autograph books and cameras at the ready, Puerto Banus is a haven for the rich and famous. Footballers, actors, even the Royal Family have all been snapped relaxing on holiday in Puerto Banus. If you do spot anyone, avoid too much screaming – they are trying to have a break from it all too! You don’t have to have a budget like the rich and famous to be able to afford a holiday to Puerto Banus. At lastminute.com we have a fantastic range of deals that mean even mere mortals can grace the sands of this glamorous holiday destination. So pack those bargain sunglasses that look like they cost a fortune and indulge in a bit of luxury with lastminute.com.

Puerto Banus Travel Information

Spanish (English widely spoken)


Local time
GMT/BST +1 hour

Local airport

Flight time
2 hours 55 minutes

Transfer time
45 minutes