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North Cyprus Holidays

North Cyprus Holidays

The northern part of North Cyprus is one stunning panorama that will make you happy you brought an extra camera battery. From bold mountain ranges and warm Mediterranean waters, this island has something for all types of travellers. Enjoy your holiday to North Cyprus at any of the large towns like Guzelyurt in the west or Famagusta in the east; both are only a few hours away from each other by car. Explore the coastlines of North Cyprus from the tip of the Karpaz Peninsula to the ancient ruins of the western edge of the territory, either by land or by sea, for an incredible adventure. Whatever your travel style, there’s a part of North Cyprus calling your name.

City life in North Cyprus

Take advantage of all that the cities of North Cyprus have to offer from delicious and fresh ingredients tenderly prepared in every meal to comfortable bars and resorts to spend the evening. A splendid mixture of Old World and modern-day, Famagusta is an excellent spot for those you want to set off and explore the island, as well as couples who just want to get away. Be surrounded by the Kyrenia Mountains in the town of the same name, and also known as Girne. Morphou, or Gazimagusa, is another excellent spot to take in natural beauty of the island, as well as spectacular sunsets that will make your friends at home jealous. Find all that you need here on a holiday to North Cyprus.

Explore North Cyprus

Take a break from the breath-taking beaches and explore the rest of North Cyprus. Head to the narrowest point of the island, Karpaz Peninsula, and discover gorgeous ruins and unbelievable, rugged scenery covered in cypress and pine trees. Head here in July or August to watch the birth of loggerheaded turtles. Walk along the same path as the ancient Greeks and Romans at charming coastal ruins like the ancient city and palace of Vuni, and the Roman cities of Lapta and Soli in the west.

Discover the Kantara Castle, one of three in the Five Finger Mountains that were built by the Byzantines to fortify the island, and first mentioned by Richard the Lionheart. Long since deserted, the castle makes a wonderful spot to look out on the Mediterranean. North Cyprus also has several historic churches scattered across the countryside, one of which is the Ayios Philon Church perched on the north coast and dates to the 4th century.

Whether you want to discover the marine world, remnants of the past, or just have a lie in on the sand, you’ll be swept away by your holiday in North Cyprus.