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Morocco is a country in North Africa, which combines a multitude of different cultural influences into one unique blend. On a holiday to Morocco you will have the chance to explore a multitude of different experiences, from bustling markets to idyllic beaches.

Morocco boasts a large number of international airports, most notably those at Rabat, Marrakech, Casablanca and Tangier. Flights from the UK to Morocco will take somewhere in the region of 3 hours.

From golden beaches to ancient ruins, Morocco is a country of bountiful beauty and rich cultural significance. Whether it’s wading through the hustle and bustle, and colours of a busy souk (street market), or enjoying a mouth watering “Pastilla” pastry in a Moroccan-style cafe, we promise you’ll not fall short of things to do. 

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Morocco is situated at a crossroads between East and West, North and South. The country takes its influences from a wide range of cultures; African, European, Mediterranean, Arabic and Oriental flavours combine to make this a destination quite unlike any other. You will find the same curious blend apparent in every facet of your holiday to Morocco, from the food and music, to the striking architecture that lines the streets.

Some of the more popular destinations on a holiday in Morocco include the cities of AgadirRabatCasablancaMarrakechTangier and Fez. Each has its own distinct flavour however, meaning that no two holidays to Morocco are going to be the same experience. Many of the coastal cities also boast fantastic beaches, and water sports are a regular attraction on holidays to Morocco.

Lovers of culture will be delighted by the wide array of museums, galleries and striking architecture that are on offer across this unique country; and with a history that has featured occupation by civilizations as diverse as the Romans, Phoenicians, Carthaginians, Jews and Arabs, you will have the chance to admire a broad range of complimentary styles and influences.

Moroccan cuisine

This same unique blend is apparent in Moroccan cuisine, which uses a diverse range of ingredients, including rich spices, Mediterranean fruits and fresh red meats. Should you travel to Marrakech during your holiday in Morocco, be sure to visit the breathtaking market at Djemaa El Fna to experience Moroccan cuisine at its finest. During the day this bustling market place is filled with a heady blend of fakirs, snake charmers and market stalls, but at night, it really comes to life as the food stalls open for business; you’ll have the chance to try hot stewed tagines, crisp salads, sweet pastries and curious delicacies, such as deep fried eel.

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