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Popular long haul destinations

Dominican Republic

A stunning Caribbean island, the Dominican Republic has beautiful sandy beaches, excellent watersports, and delicious seafood cuisine. Explore the interior for a more relaxed day in nature, with lush jungle landscapes and picturesque waterfalls. Hot and sunny for much of the year, the Dominican Republic is a great place to escape dreary weather in the UK. May to November is the wet season, with September usually seeing the most rain.  

Florida (USA)

Florida is probably best-known for its incredible theme parks and other attractions, including Disney World, Universal Studios, and the Epcot Center. Perhaps the ideal family holiday, kids will go mad for a trip to these super-fun resorts. Along with the natural beauty of the Florida Keys, you can experience the buzz of lively Miami in the south. Hot and humid for much of the year, Florida's tropical climate brings rain in the summer. 

Cancun (Mexico)

All-inclusive holidays in Cancun offer a truly relaxing getaway in the sun on the Caribbean Sea coast of Mexico. Pristine beaches, stylish shopping venues and ancient Mayan ruins offer a range of pursuits for a holiday packed with relaxation and interest. November to April is dry and pleasantly warm, making it a popular time to visit.

Los Angeles (USA)

For long haul holidays to the US, Los Angeles has beautiful beaches, excellent dining and shopping, plus all the glamour of Hollywood. For families, Universal Studios and Disneyland offer a fun-filled day of rides and attractions. Griffith Observatory presents a planetarium show and the California Space Center is full of fascinating information about NASA. Warm and sunny with little rain throughout the year, Los Angeles is great to visit at any time.

Hong Kong

All-inclusive holidays in the megacity of Hong Kong offer the perfect place to experience the old east meets west adage. Shimmering skyscrapers and ornate temples, fast-paced city streets and a towering mountain, Hong Kong is full of contrasts. With its very own Disneyland along with Ocean Park, families will love the theme parks in Hong Kong. Autumn sees the end of the humidity and rains, yet temperatures are still in the low to mid 20's, making it a great to visit.

South Africa

Long haul holidays in South Africa offer a wide choice of activities, from safaris to beach breaks. See the stunning animals in reserves or visit the fantastic Table Mountain in Cape Town. Stunning beaches along the vast coastline offer excellent surfing opportunities. From quaint villages to stylish resorts, modern cities to the panoramic countryside, South Africa has it all. Summers are warm in South Africa and can get hot in some areas. Winters are cold in the south and milder in the north. 


The city-state of Singapore is a modern destination that has retained its traditions and multiple cultures. Oozing style and sophistication in its contemporary architecture, you will still be enthralled as you wander through the streets and find colourful temples. Sentosa is an island to the south dedicated to fun attractions, with an aquarium, theme parks and animal displays. The location in south-east Asia means that Singapore has generally hot weather all year with spring and autumn being the driest times.


Get a bargain in Bali with our late holiday deals. The Indonesian island offers sunny weather, idyllic beaches, lush jungles and rich culture. Explore Buddhist and Hindu temples, go snorkelling among tropical fish and enjoy the delicious flavours of the local cuisine. Bali is hot all year round with a dry season between June and September, making it an ideal destination for the cheapest long haul holidays in the summer.


Some of the cheapest long haul holidays can be found in Thailand. This is thanks to low-cost accommodation and low prices while you're there. From buzzing cities to relaxing beaches, delicious cuisine and fascinating culture, Thailand makes for an eclectic holiday. Explore cosmopolitan Bangkok, the temples of Chiang Mai or lounge on a Koh Samui beach. September tends to have the most rain during the monsoon season.


Late holiday deals to Barbados give you great value on getaways to this fantastic location in the Caribbean. Beaches in Barbados are picture-perfect, just as you would imagine a tropical paradise to look like. Add in exciting festivals and carnivals, the famous rum distilleries and stunning scenery and you will never want to leave. The dry season is from December to June with average temperatures between 23 and 28°C, making Barbados an ideal winter sun destination.