Jordan Holidays


Jordan holidays

JImpressive monuments, heritage sites, inspiring landscapes and a traditionally warm welcome all wait for you on Jordan holidays. This ancient country has a history that spans Nabataean trade routes, Roman and Muslim conquests and Christian architecture.Jordan is a mystical and breathtaking land. Steeped in history and tradition, this liberal and welcoming country is one of the Middle East’s most spectacular sights.

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Things to do in Jordan

Expect to be transported to an Arabian fantasy! This part of the world saw the birth of Christianity and everywhere you look are sites of religious importance. Visit the mountain top where Moses was first shown the Promised Land, the river that saw Jesus baptised and the fort where Herod committed crimes against the disciples. Be sure to visit the hauntingly beautiful lost city of Petra and allow yourself to be swept up in its historical majesty.

Take a desert ride

Holidays in Jordan aren't complete without a desert experience, whether it's visiting the Wadi Rum at sunset, climbing the Burdah Rock Bridge or hiking the Jordan trail. Other desert experiences include camel riding, hot air ballooning and jeep safaris.

The wonders of Petra

Holidays to Petra in Jordan allow you to fully experience this awe-inspiring Nabataean city. Walk through the Siq to see the Treasury open up before you and admire the pink-hued walls that change colour as the sun moves across the sky. The legendary hidden Monastery is another highlight of a Petra visit.


If you are looking for a more commercial, cosmopolitan experience on your holiday to Jordan, then look no further than the sleek, impressive city of Amman. The countries capital is great for shopping, people watching and getting a real sense of the impressive wealth and style of modern Arabia.With cheap holidays to Jordan, you have more money to shop for souvenirs. Traditional crafts include mosaic work, kilims, embroidery, jewellery and hand-painted ostrich eggs.


A holiday in Amman Jordan will put you at the heart of the country's vibrant nightlife scene. Tea replaces alcohol when bars, restaurants and hotels come alive from late evening until the small hours. Discreet alcohol consumption is allowed for tourists and Jordan has emerging wine and microbrewery industries.

Things to see in Jordan

It’s not only on land that this country provides breath taking scenery, there is plenty going on beneath the waves too. The coral and fish life at the Gulf of Aqaba is truly breath taking and in stark contrast the world famous Dead Sea is a natural wonder of an entirely different kind. The country side is rugged and beautifully unspoiled and as you watch the sunset over the red desert sands it really is everything an Arabian adventure ought to be.

The Citadel at Amman

Jordan holiday tours allow you to take in the Citadel at Amman, a walled hilltop construction that has been occupied since the Bronze Age. Highlights include the Ummayad Palace and the Temple of Hercules.

Shaumari Wildlife Reserve

Wildlife lovers on holidays to Jordan from the UK should visit the Shaumari Wildlife Reserve. Set up to preserve the region's endangered species, it provides a protected home to Persian onagers, Arabian oryx, Houbara bustards and Dorcas gazelles.

The Children's Museum

If you are enjoying a holiday in the country of Jordan with children, then this museum is perfect with its interactive exhibits and dressing up opportunities.

Roman Theatre at Amman

If you are staying in Jordan holiday resorts in Amman explore this impressively restored Roman theatre with its seating capacity of 6,000. Visit at sunrise or sunset for the best photographic opportunities.

How to get there

Most cheap holiday packages to Jordan land at Queen Alia International Airport a short drive south of Amman. Regular Sariyah shuttle buses link the airport to the city. Browse our flights to Jordan for the best deals.

Public transportation 

There is one domestic air service between Amman and Aqaba while Amman and Irbid are linked by a sometimes erratic bus service. Instead of running by timetable they tend to leave when they're full making journey planning difficult. Minibuses are the main form of public transport within cities.

Typical food and gastronomy

Dining in Jordan is a social experience whether it's in a city cafe or a Bedouin tent. Staple ingredients are camel milk, goat cheese and dates while mensaf, a slow-cooked dish of lamb, rice, pine nuts and yoghurt is a Bedouin speciality.

What is the Best time of the year to visit Jordan?

There is a full calendar of Jordan holidays and traditions including the Dead Sea Ultra Marathon in April, the Jerash Festival of Culture and Arts in July and the Amman Citadel Festival in September. You're sure to find something to do whenever you plan your holidays in Jordan.

Weather & Climate 

The high season of March to May sees comfortable day and night time temperatures and is the best season for Jordan's beautiful wildflowers. Temperatures are extreme from June to August while September to February is the best time to visit the Red Sea

Visa and migration information

All visitors to Jordan require a visa which can be bought on arrival at the airport. Buying a Jordan Pass online in advance waives the visa fee and gives free access to many tourist attractions.

What language is spoken in Jordan?

Although several languages are spoken in Jordan, Arabic is the official language. English is widely spoken in resorts and tourist areas.

Accommodation in Jordan

There are Jordan holiday resorts for all budgets in this hospitable country. Eco-lodges in nature reserves provide an alternative to city hotels while luxury resorts can be found at Wadi Musa, the Dead Sea, Aqaba and Amman. We recommend booking your flights and Jordan hotels at the same time to be sure of the best deals.

Extra tips

Holidays to Jordan from the UK should include the experience of floating in the Dead Sea at the well-equipped and attractive Amman Beach Tourist Resort. Please note: modest swimming attire should be worn.

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