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Jersey Holidays

Jersey is a wonderful place for an island escape with its beautiful rolling hills and unspoiled beaches. You’ll definitely have a holiday you won’t soon forget.

Closer to France than Great Britain, Jersey is nevertheless a classic British holiday destination, mixing picture-perfect beaches with unspoiled rustic scenery, engaging history, and family-friendly attractions. You can actually find some great holidays to Jersey at affordable prices, despite having to make a flight, meaning it's easy to organise a cut-price Channel Islands holiday. It might technically be a staycation, but it certainly won't feel like one.

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Things to do

Jersey may be most famous for breeding one of the world's most popular cattle breeds, as well as being the home of a famous fictional detective in the 1980s, but it's also a seriously underrated family destination.

Wondering what to eat or what to do in Jersey is an easy question to answer: whatever inspires you or captures your imagination. From water-skiing to medieval pageantry in terms of activities, it's all here. And it's swiftly becoming an up-and-coming foodie destination.

For starters, families will adore Jersey Zoo. Set up by the writer Gerald Durrell in 1959, the zoo hosts everything from gorillas and Sumatran orangutans, to Komodo dragons, and it got one of the finest menageries in Europe. It's located near Gorey and Trinity in the north-eastern part of the island. So if you're travelling with kids and aren't sure where to stay in Jersey, that could be a good place to look.

Jersey also attracts plenty of visitors to its pristine coastline. Small enough to walk around during a week-long break, the coast varies from long sandy beaches like St Brelade's Bay to windswept peninsulas, and timeless fishing ports. With warm summer weather, water sports, sunbathing and swimming are all popular activities, and the surf isn't bad, either.

There's a cosmopolitan side to Jersey as well. The capital St Helier may be small, but it packs in some superb eateries and bars where you can sip locally brewed cider or IPAs. You can retreat to country pubs that are full of personality, like Le Moulin de Lecq, or try one of 24 restaurants listed in the Michelin guide.

Best time of year to visit Jersey

Families will love holidays to Jersey during high summer (July and August) when temperatures regularly soar above 25 degrees centigrade.

However, don't count out cheap holidays to Jersey in September, when the water temperatures are still nice and warm, and the crowds won't be there. Unless that is, you travel at the start of September, when the Weekender music festival takes place.

Couples can rely on mild weather, sunshine, and relatively empty restaurants and beaches from April to June. Winter can even be rewarding, with some of the best seafood available from November to February.

Top places to visit

  • St Aubin - Possibly the most picturesque fishing village in the UK, St. Aubin is clustered around the Bulwarks, which plays host to a slew of superb seafood restaurants. Hunt for antiques and vintage gear at Lovejoy's Brocante & Depot-Vente, follow in the footsteps of Marx and Engels at the Trafalgar Pub or visit Saturday's craft market.
  • Elizabeth Castle - Located in St Helier, this 16th-century fortification delivers a masterclass in "living history". Watch the Master Gunner fire live cannon across the ocean, learn grizzly medical details from the Regimental Surgeon, or hear the testimony of an 18th-century army wife. It's all fascinating.
  • Jersey War Tunnels - Go underground to truly understand the role Jersey played in World War Two. Built by the Nazi occupiers using military prisoners, this underground hospital has been turned into a museum telling the island's wartime story.

How to spend your holiday in Jersey

At, we want every traveller to make the most of their Jersey holidays packages. So why not follow one of these suggested itineraries to make sure you don't miss a thing? Firstly, if you love beach holidays Jersey offers some great itineraries. For example, this route takes in some coastal highlights:

  1. St Brelade's - probably the jewel in Jersey's crown. Sunbathe here, check out the village, and don't miss the medieval frescoes in the Fisherman's Chapel.
  2. St Ouen's Bay. Popular with surfers because of its more exposed bay, St Ouen's offers golden sand, as well as the Water Splash - a great spot for a bite to eat or a beer.
  3. Bonne Nuit. This tiny cove is as attractive as can be, and also features an excellent Thai cafe.
  4. Grouville, and its "Long Beach". Aptly named, this beach has all the space families could ask for.
  5. St. Aubin's - a gorgeous strand with no shortage of dining options, this is the perfect place to finish.

Alternatively, if you love history-based holidays Jersey has plenty to offer. In that case, this would be an excellent route:

  1. The neolithic burial mount at Hougue Bie is next, giving a vivid impression of the island's ancient past.
  2. Head south to St Helier to the Maritime Museum, to learn about the island's sailing history.
  3. Round things off at St. Helier's own castle, as the cannons roar out across the English Channel.Start at Gorey's medieval castle (watch out for witches and statues of death, as it's a spooky place!).
  4. Now, head to the nearby War Tunnels, leaving a few hours to take in their atmosphere and historical exhibits.

However, don't feel limited by suggested itineraries. When you book Jersey holidays all-inclusive packages, these can be the springboard to explore and create your own experience. So check out the deals, make a shortlist of beaches, castles, museums, and pubs, and get ready for a fantastic time in the Channel Islands.


After you’ve bagged a brilliant deal on your holiday with us, you can afford to splash out on a bit of retail therapy. Jersey is home to a great selection of shops for you to browse. The island has lots on offer with well-known high street stores and some more unique small local shops. One unique place to visit is Fish n Beads. Located just outside St Helier the store is run by a local artist and specialises in driftwood art as well as a selection of funky jewellery. Another one of a kind jewellery store you should visit is Catherine Best. Her specially created showroom has a wonderful collection of jewellery for you to buy from this award winning, internationally renowned jewellery designer.

Local history

Jersey has an intriguing and exciting history for you to explore. One of the most unique places to visit are the Jersey War Tunnels. The tunnels were built with slave labour during the German occupation of Jersey in World War Two. The whole complex took three and a half years to build and was formerly known as Höhlgangsanlage 8. Today the tunnels are home to a fascinating collection of exhibits detailing the history of the occupation of the island through firsthand accounts. The tunnels are also home to a specially commissioned sculpture titled Silence which was created by the artist Paul de Monchaux.


If you want to spend some time relaxing on the beach, Jersey has a great selection for you to choose from. One of the nicest beaches that doesn't get too busy is Beauport Bay. The beach is south facing and is nestled at the base of three cliffs meaning it’s sheltered from the wind. Its lovely golden sand makes a great place for a bit of sunbathing.

St Brelade’s Bay is a much busier beach and has lots on offer if you’re looking to do some water sports. You can hire traditional pedalos, try some paddle boarding or even have a beach volleyball game.