Israel Holidays

Israel holidays

Be educated and inspired by Israel

Israel’s rich past and diverse present gives you a whole host of sites to see and activities to experience during your trip. Wherever you choose to stay, you will be surrounded by history as well as intriguing natural landmarks just waiting to be explored. The people are friendly and the food is excellent, making sure that Israel holidays will be more than just a one-off.

Holidays to Israel

Historical sites

Around 60 kilometres east of Tel Aviv is Jerusalem, arguably Israel’s most well-known region. The historic biblical city is a significant location among the Jewish population and somewhere that tourists must see to fully understand the nation and its background. A day tour can be arranged to explore the famous Temple Mount and Jewish QuarterAcra in northern Israel is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a location that tells a story dating back to around 3000 BC. The Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem is considered to be the birthplace of Jesus Christ, while the Dome of the Rock is yet another noteworthy holy site among Muslims and Jews. One visit is unlikely to provide enough time to see every important landmark of Israel, which is why so many return to the country after gaining a glimpse of this fascinating nation.

Activities and adventure

Beyond the historical landmarks and archaeological sites, Israel offers an abundance of activities. Take off on foot and hike the forests and national parks in Negev, HaSharon, Haifa or Golan and Galilee. These same regions are home to deep caves just waiting to be explored. Maarat Hakamach in the Dead Sea area and the Stalactite Cave at the Avshalom Reserve, Jerusalem, are two of the most popular. Israel’s coastal location sees many enjoy hours of relaxation in the sun during their visit. Head from the clean, sandy beaches for a refreshing swim or take advantage of the many watersports that you can book. Boating is another possibility, while there is a whole host of other activities to arrange inland. Visit an amusement park, play golf or rent bikes to spend the days however you prefer.


When it is time to stop and eat, you can head to a traditional Middle Eastern restaurant or grab a quick snack from a market stall for a taste of the country. Shwarma, a dish of grilled and sliced meat served in a pitta, is accompanied by schnitzel (breaded and fried chicken cutlets) as well as falafel. Breakfast usually includes pastries filled with vegetables and cheese called borekas, and labane, a thick and tangy yoghurt. Sweet and sticky baklava will be easy to find at the markets, as will ice cream, crepes and sahlab, a creamy hot drink.