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Indian Ocean Holidays
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Indian Ocean Holidays

Serene and relaxing, the Indian Ocean and its various islands are a great adventure destination. This rich and diverse archipelago has been carefully preserved for visitors to enjoy the very best it offers. The blue water laps against pristine beaches and you can revel in an exciting watersport or simply enjoy the tranquillity. Whether on foot, in a boat, or lying at a spa resort, Indian Ocean holidays are to be savoured.

Scenery and nature

One of the main attractions of the area is its stunning beauty. The lagoons, beaches and shoreline are an inviting mix of blue and white, yet further inland the setting is just as picturesque. The beaches are lined with thick tropical forests that are home to a variety of indigenous species, flora, and fauna. The numerous national parks let you admire this landscape at your own pace without getting lost, and offer something more active if you crave more than sunbathing. The region is a photographer’s paradise too, with a wealth of colourful plants and intriguing landmarks to capture. 


Warm temperatures year-round make the Indian Ocean islands perfect for an active break when winter arrives at home. Mauritius is surrounded by a stunning barrier of coral reef that you can snorkel over or dive down into. It’s even possible to gain a PADI scuba diving licence during your stay. To fit the most into your trip, book a boat tour to island-hop from the Maldives to the Seychelles and Reunion. Be sure to pick a glass-bottomed boat so you don’t miss the sights beneath the waves. To explore on a budget you can rent a bike on many of the islands and plan the route you want. Water skiing and jet skiing are also possible for a more energetic couple of hours on the warm water. If you need a day to recharge, book in at a spa to be pampered or arrange a leisurely round of golf. 

Eating and drinking

Seafood is commonly found on the menus, as you would expect from a series of islands. The dishes served in Mozambique are varied, as the Indian Ocean is on its eastern coast while borders are also shared with Zimbabwe, South Africa, Malawi and Tanzania. Matapa and paõ are two local dishes to look out for. Maldivian cuisine includes curries and plenty of fish, while coconut is also used heavily. Ekyu is a local beer from the Seychelles, and dark rum is a popular nightcap.