Hawaii holidays

Take a trip to paradise

It isn’t difficult to see why Hawaii is the chosen destination for travellers who want warm weather to accompany a stunning setting. This cluster of islands has something to satisfy a variety of visitors, whether they want to fill every second with excitement or simply unwind and relax. Your Hawaii holidays can therefore be tailor-made to suit the escape you want, but a memorable and energising experience is almost guaranteed.

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Outdoor adventuring

Hawaii isn’t the place for you if you aren’t keen on outdoor exploring. Hawaii Island is the largest of them all and offers a stunning landscape of volcanoes, snow-capped mountains and sprawling rainforests. A hike is all you need to take in these sights, and beyond the island’s shores the scenery just continues to inspire. Maui is made up of towering mountains and quaint towns, and is the ideal spot to view migrating humpback whales. Halawa Valley on Molokai is simply beautiful and showcases Hawaii’s ancient past. Hidden ‘heiau’ (places of worship) can be discovered as you trek past the area’s tumbling waterfalls. Lanai’s Shipwreck Beach includes an abandoned tanker ship a short distance from the shore, making a striking sight along this 12-kilometre stretch of sand.


There are plenty of activities to take advantage of beyond simply getting lost in the right direction. Lanai has a feeling of peace and remoteness, but you can explore its rocky terrain through an exciting four-wheel drive experience that takes you off the beaten track. Climb Molokai’s hills on trusty horseback, before stopping on a secluded beach for time well spent doing nothing. Golf is also popular in Hawaii, particularly on Lanai and the main Hawaii Island. Go diving off Maui to explore Hawaii’s other, underwater, world.


The freshness of Hawaii’s sea air is reflected in its cuisine. Known as Hawaii Regional Cuisine, the dishes blend authentic ethnic flavours with food from across the world. Cattle is raised on Hawaii Island for use in the fine dining restaurants and for sale in the markets, while fruit and vegetables are grown in the rich volcanic soil. It goes without saying that the fish served in Hawaii is some of the freshest you will ever taste, usually caught that same day. A number of leading chefs have taken advantage of the ingredients available to them across Hawaii’s islands, so whether you are staying on Kauai, Oahu or anywhere else you can savour superb cuisine in a beautiful setting.

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