Germany Holidays

Exciting experiences await with a holiday to Germany

Germany is a beautiful, inspiring country of sharp contrasts and diverse attractions. With huge imposing forests, spectacular big cities, quaint chocolate box towns, an enviable wealth of culture and some of the world's best wines and beers all waiting for you, there is no risk of getting bored on a holiday to Germany.

Things to do in Germany

Germany offers very different landscapes depending on the cities and regions you visit. The huge natural areas of the Black Forest will be a hit with hiking and skiing fans, while the Baltic Sea’s beaches are perfect for water sports and recharging your batteries in the fresh air. As for the cities, although Berlin is the cultural capital, Frankfurt is the financial capital and Munich and Hamburg attract many tourists every year with their typical German monuments and festivities. When you’re away in Germany, make the most of your trip by visiting a little of each city or focus on just one destination so you get to know it like the back of your hand: it’s all up to you!  

Enjoy Germany like a local 

One of the best-known popular traditions is to treat yourself to a currywurst during your trip to Germany. These white pork sausages are traditionally flavoured with curry and served with slightly sweet ketchup and chips. Germans eat them as a street snack. Wash your currywurst down with a pint of frothy local pale ale to experience Bavaria from a truly typical perspective. If you want to experience Berlin like a Berliner, cast aside the popular tourist spots to discover pop-up art galleries housed in squats of former buildings in West Berlin, an uber-cool underground district.


Things to see in Germany: Famous Cities


Berlin is the new “in” destination for all shopping and party lovers. 

With a world renowned contemporary arts scene, and music and fashion ones to match, this is the place to be if you want to experience Germany at its edgy best. Trendy restaurants and bars combine and enhance the historical back drop providing visitors with more choice and opportunity than they could ever hope to take in on one trip. 


Munich knows how to play to its traditions, with its enduring beer festival and Bavarians in traditional costumes, Munich is home to the world’s biggest and most famous beer festival, Oktoberfest.  No one has to tell the German’s how to enjoy themselves! 


For a slightly more high brow experience visit Hamburg, the birthplace of Mendelssohn, and home to world-renound gallery, The Hamburger Kunsthalle, where the work of artists such as Max Liebermann and Philipp Otto Runge are shown to their best advantage. Hamburg, a historic city, unveils its medieval heritage during walks along the Alster.


Bavaria is like a picture post card with fairy tale architecture and dizzying mountains, not to mention the historic cities of Nuremberg and Wurzburg, absolute musts if you’re in this part of the country. Stuff yourself with a traditional German breakfast of champions! Rye breads, smoked sausages, hard boiled eggs and local cheeses, jams and honeys should provide adequate fuel for the fire and are all the things you’ll expect to sample as part of the most important meal of any German’s day.

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