Florida Keys Holidays

Florida Keys Holidays

Home to diving, fishing, water sports and Hemmingway, the beautiful islands of the Florida Keys are a great place to spend your holiday. The hundreds of islands that make up the archipelago boast some truly spectacular beaches, are home to excellent water sports facilities and are a great place to relax and unwind in the Florida sunshine. The clear blue waters of the Gulf of Mexico that surround the islands are calm and tranquil, making them ideal for families with children and for diving enthusiasts who can visit the reefs and coral beds that surround the islands. The Keys are connected to the mainland by a system of bridges that stretch almost the entire length of the archipelago; if you are driving from Miami the views are unforgettable.

Above and Below the Water

Naturally, water sports play a huge role in the life of the islands. Depending on which island you’re visiting, there are different water sports or activities due to the varying natural landscapes. Smather Beach for instance, has calm waters that are ideally suited for families with small children. The Upper Keys and the Lower Keys are the place to head for some exciting water sports; water skiing, jet skiing and parasailing are the activities of choice, and of course, swimming is still popular. Snorkelling is a favourite almost everywhere on the archipelago and for those without, you can buy snorkelling gear all over the islands. Some of the quieter, calmer beaches are ideal for teaching children and beginners how to snorkel before heading to the reefs. Scuba diving is the best way to experience the underwater world - there are a number of dive centres where you can hire scuba gear or take lessons if you are a beginner. There are plenty of excellent dive sites around the islands, with lots of operators to take visitors out to the best spots. Boat trips and tours run between the islands and around the reefs; if you don’t want to get wet but still want to get a look at the coral then a glass bottom boat is the ideal choice. If you’d rather stay on land there are a number of beautiful walking trails that run through the islands offering some unparalleled views of secluded coves and bays.

Relaxation and Romance

Florida Keys is a truly romantic setting, the sparkling waters of the Gulf and the tropical greenery of the islands are mesmerising and it’s no surprise many couples and honeymooners choose the smaller islands and hotels of the Keys. The city of Key West), the largest island of the Keys region, offers plenty of restaurants and bars that are perfect for a candlelit dinner or drink, especially in the delightful Old Town area. The island also has plenty to offer in the way of culture, there are a handful of galleries and museums such as Ernest Hemmingway’s house or the Key West Lighthouse, which rewards visitors to the summit with spectacular panoramic views of the Old Town and the surrounding islands.