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Dead Sea Holidays
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Holidays to the Dead Sea

The Dead Sea is a truly extraordinary holiday destination, quite unlike anywhere else in the world. Situated 400 metres below sea level in the country of Jordan, the open expanse of blue water is a mesmerising proposition when you first lay eyes on it. The area surrounding the Dead Sea is also uniquely beautiful, making it a brilliant holiday choice for all travellers.

Float the day away

The first thing to do when you visit the Dead Sea is to experience the feeling of being submerged in the water itself. It is named the Dead Sea because of the extreme levels of salinity of the water, which is due to the very high evaporation rate. This means only the smallest forms of life can survive in this habitat, and all you will see is your fellow holidaymakers floating around. The health benefits of the salt and minerals are also well documented – offering skin-friendly properties.

Culture and history

The Dead Sea region is immersed in history and religious culture, which makes it a fascinating place to visit and explore. From the top of Mount Nebo you will have a stunning view of the Holy Land and the Jordan River Valley. Madaba is known as the ‘City of Mosaics’, where you can explore a selection of Byzantine and Umayya mosaics. The Baptism Site at the Jordan River is also worth a visit, and you can dip your foot in the water where John the Baptist supposedly baptised Jesus.

Where to stay

Opting to spend your time on the north-eastern end of the Dead Sea will ensure a stay of luxury and relaxation. The variety of resorts all offer stunning spa treatments, while the view of the sunset from the West Bank across the water will stay with you forever. There are desert retreats like Shkedi’s Camplodge if you wish to experience a more authentic holiday, and Holitel Tsell Harim Village is just one of a handful of hotels that has its own private beach.

Food and drink

Around the main beach area you will find plenty of buffet-style restaurants offering all sorts of food and drink options. Mansaf is the traditional dish of Jordan, which is made from lamb and cooked with dried yoghurt served with rice. A great way of really understanding the culinary culture is to take part in a cooking workshop. Korin’s Home is especially popular, where she will teach you all the secrets of her mother’s Turkish cuisine recipes. Make sure you book in advance to avoid disappointment though.


Aside from floating in the sea itself, Dead Sea holidays offer plenty of activities and things to see. The Masada National Park is a good place to start, with the old fortress providing quite a spectacle. Walking and hiking are also popular, if you can stand the heat. There are also plenty of art galleries in the region which offer drawing and painting classes, like the Atalia Ceramics Studio, which will provide you with a very special souvenir to take away. If you want a little more adventure you can hire an ATV or go on a jeep tour to explore the area.