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Dalmatian Coast Holidays

Holidays to the Dalmatian Coast

Situated along the eastern coast of the pellucid Adriatic Sea, the Dalmatian Coast in Croatia extends all the way from the idyllic island of Rab in the northwest to the Bay of Kotor in the southeast. The Dalmatia represents three individual regions: North Dalmatia, which includes the historical towns of Sibenik and Zadar; Central Dalmatia, hosting Trogir, Split, Hvar and Brac, and finally South Dalmatia with Korucula and the famous city of Dubrovnik. Guests that choose to holiday at the Dalmatian Coast have the opportunity to experience all of these enduring locations, each with their own unique identity.

Travellers will be bereft of stress during their stay, especially with the ninety-two majestic waterfalls inhabiting Croatia’s eight National Parks. In the famed Plitvice Park, holidaymakers can enliven their mind and body by surrounding themselves with bucolic forests, rivers and deep blue lakes.

Please note: Resort taxes may be applicable, more information about this can be found on individual property pages.

Experience a New Corner of the Mediterranean

A new nation has unfurled along the Dalmatian coast since peace arrived in Croatia in 1995. Gradually evolving into a tranquil refuge, the land has emancipated itself from its tragic past. The country’s 1200 elegant islands offer a modern experience that exceeds the standards of even the most discerning critic.

Aspiring explorers can benefit from the mountainous geography that hugs the coastline. From the top, guests can witness magnificent vistas from one of the highest peaks in the Mediterranean where the palatial blue sea rests beneath.

A big part of any travelling experience is the local cuisine and this is true for holidays to the Dalmatian Coast. The famous wines, Postun and Dignac, are made only a couple miles away along the Pelisac peninsula and compliment the delectable fish caught offshore and grilled with local olive oil, garlic and lemon. Amongst all these palatable dishes some that a must be tried:

  • Brudet (Brodetto)

Local fish stewed in tomato sauce and often served with polenta

  • Manestra

The thick winter soup is similar to an Istrian Manestra and includes delicious and light vegetables.

  • Rizot (Risotto)

Appearing on every coastal menu, the Rizot is a dream for people who enjoy the taste of fresh fish. The “black risotto” provides a unique experience with its use of squid and its ink.

For those wanting to encounter the Croatian nightlife there is no better place to begin than in Hvar. As all fans of Croatian television will reveal, it is in Hvar where all the celebrities go to unwind. Hyar offers the chic Carpe Diem nightclub as well as the elegant Adriana hotel. Moreover than this, guests can spend their evenings visiting several of Old Town’s local bars or ascend the ladder up to the battlements of the Massimo cocktail bar.

An Enduring Holiday Experience

Just two and a half hours from Gatwick, guests arrive in Dubrovnik Airport and begin their two-hour taxi ride along the long, sliver-thin Peljesac peninsula that almost pushes itself towards the sea. With the help of, holidays to the Dalmatian coast is a reminder of a more rustic Mediterranean past that has guests coming again and again.

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