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Channel Islands Holidays


Holidays to the Channel Islands

Your insight to the Channel Islands

The Channel Islands is a small pocket of islands that offer big things. The archipelago is found between Britain and France and shares a famous involvement in the history of both nations. It also has a strong maritime background which is clearly evident to this day. Channel Island holidays offer the chance to explore a number of attractive landscapes by land or sea. 

Nature and wildlife

Jersey is the biggest of the Channel Islands and an area known for its rugged coastline. Rocky outcrops are punctuated by sandy beaches that give you the chance to brave the bracing English Channel. Guernsey is the second-largest island and shares similar scenery. The rest of the archipelago is made up of the smaller Sark, Alderney and Herm. Herm’s flower-topped hills delight you as you arrive, while Sark’s tranquil remoteness is shown by the modes of transport available. Horse and cart is one of the main ways to get around. The wildlife you may encounter attracts many to the islands. Red squirrels are still seen in Jersey, and this is the only place where green lizards are found naturally. Dolphins occasionally show themselves to lucky visitors, as do Basking Sharks and Pilot Whales. Friendly Grey Seals are a more frequent sight, usually around Les Écréhous reef. 

Museums and history

Jersey and Guernsey are the best places for wandering around museums and swotting up on the area’s history. The Channel Islands was the only British territory to be occupied during WWII, and at the German Occupation Museum (Guernsey) you can learn about the key events during this period. The beautiful La Hougue Bie Museum is a worthwhile visit for its peaceful surroundings and it’s where you can find out about Jersey as far back as the Ice Age. For a glimpse of the region’s maritime past, visit the Maritime Museum and Occupation Tapestry Gallery in Jersey. 


One of the most enjoyable activities anywhere on the archipelago is cycling, when you can take in the fresh sea air. Sea kayaking can also be arranged, and if you want something to raise the pulse rate you can rent jet skis. Sea and coarse fishing from pretty spots are both possible on Alderney, and its abundance of fish means even novice anglers can expect a good catch. Away from the water are the Jersey War Tunnels featuring the German Underground Hospital. 

Eating and drinking 

Everything from gourmet restaurants to seaside cafés can be found in the Channel Islands, so whatever the occasion is you can find somewhere that suits. An abundance of seafood is served up just as you would expect, and a visit to one of the many fish and chip shops can’t be missed. For a break from strolling through the charming streets you are likely to stumble across an inviting tea room with friendly faces inside.