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Holidays Capri

Holidays Capri

If you’re after something a little different on your Mediterranean holiday this year, look no further than Capri. It is a mountainous island at the tip of the Sorrento peninsula, surrounded by the gorgeous deep blue ocean. Don’t be fooled by its rural charm: Capri is a true modern Mediterranean dream. Arguably one of the most famous areas of Italy, it is a playground for VIPs with its incredible Roman ruins, cocktail bars and designer boutiques. Holidays to Capri guarantee Italy’s best climate, delicious pizzas and relaxing in style. With, you can join the party whatever your budget.

Things to do in Capri

On your trip to Capri, don’t miss out on the island’s natural wonders: the Faraglioni, rocky formations that appear to emerge from the water; the blue cave, discovered in the 19th century; the Marina Piccola and the Marina Grande (in the north of the island). You can also discover many places of rustic beauty when you walk around the island and take advantage of the beaches lining Capri. Not to be missed either are the Gardens of Augustus, a little piece of paradise designed by the great Roman emperor. You can also reach the Marina Grande from Capri, thanks to one of the most picturesque funiculars. 

The main museums and monuments to see during your holidays to Capri 

Capri is mainly known for its natural heritage, its beaches and cliffs, but the island has also been a well-known resort since Roman times, and there are still some traces of this glorious past that you can take in on a trip here. In addition to the Gardens of Augustus, one of the island’s major constructions is the Villa Jovis, built in the first century of our era under orders from Tiberius. The Villa Jovis is one of Italy’s best-preserved Roman villas. Another must-see is the Villa San Michele, built right at the start of the 20th century.

Things to see in Capri

Top up your tan and see the sights with a Capri island tour 

The island has some of the most amazing sights around. For a gentle but nonetheless sophisticated way to kick off you holiday to Capri, a full island boat tour is a must. The coastline is incredible, with little caves and bays right around the perimeter. The boat tours are also a fantastic way to get started on your tan! The tours will take you to one of the best-known spots on the island: Blue Grotto, known to locals as Grotta Azzurra. It’s a sea cave where the sun turns the water a bright, brilliant neon blue. The effect is really something, and is well worth the trip. 

For other ways to spend your days, visit the southern part of the island for the popular Marria Piccola, a beautiful beach that is the best place to sunbathe and relax. Capri Town is the bustling heart of the island, crammed with winding streets, relaxed squares and a diverse range of shops. The local food is excellent, and Capri Town is a good place to try out the pizzerias and traditional trattorrias for the best authentic pasta you’ll ever taste. 

The nights in Capri are long, lively and warm. At the centre of the island, Capri Town is where to start a night out. The famous Piazzetta is a stunning alfresco salon that is perfect for sitting back and sipping a cocktail. Just watch your stilettos on the cobblestone streets! Afterwards, the island is your oyster with the whirlwind of bars, clubs and live music venues. 

Visit a different kind of Italy on holidays to Capri 

Get a great value holiday this summer with for an Italian adventure – with a twist. Soak up the stunning natural landscapes of Capri’s unusual Mediterranean coastline, and recharge your batteries before heading into the hustle and bustle of star-studded Capri Town. Whether you fancy pizza and a cocktail on the beach, clubbing the night away or exploring the island’s Roman roots, Capri is an amazing all-round destination for everyone. Book your holiday to Italy today.