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Campania Holidays

Coast, coffee and culture on Campania holidays

Whichever way you’re looking, you’re going to behold something beautiful on holidays to Campania. The region is sandwiched between the glistening blue waters of the sea and the Apennine peaks that tower over the Italian countryside. The climate is Mediterranean and the water is welcoming and you can get here in just over two hours.

Campania has it all

Campania is a lively and diverse region that caters to all types of holidaymaker. The streets of the historic Naples are bustling and friendly, filled with beautiful monuments, wonderful piazzas and this remarkable city has been marked by all the different cultures that have settled here through history. The historical theme continues out to the surrounding area, with the legendary archaeological sites of Pompeii and Herculaneum, as well as the magnificent Mount Vesuvius, Europe’s only active – but thankfully dormant – volcano.

Campania holidays are also known for the beautiful Amalfi coast and Sorrento Peninsula. You’ll find beach locations such as Positano, famous for being the setting of the ‘Dolce Vita’ summer in the 1960s and further along the coast lays Palinuro, a quieter beach with crystal clear waters that are an idyllic alternative to the more popular beaches further north.

There is so much to see and do on holidays to Campania on the mainland, but do not neglect the amazing islands within the region which are just boat rides away! In the gulf of Naples you will find Ischia, and this volcanic island is home to therapeutic thermal hot springs and a number of relaxing spas. You will also find more beaches and intimate coves, which are an adventure within an adventure on holidays to Campania.

How would you like to let your hair down on your Campania holiday? Are you a fan of wild superclubs? Or how about mingling with the locals in a sophisticated lounge bar? Or perhaps you would like a good old pub to down a few pints of bitters in a warm and friendly atmosphere? Well whatever your choice you’ll be pleased to know that holidays to Campania have it all, so make sure you pack your glad rags!

Diverse and affordable holidays in Campania

The Romans christened this region Campania Felix, or “happy or fertile countryside” and holidays to Campania will reveal why they fell in love with the area. Whether you like nature tours, archaeological discoveries or immersing yourself in food and culture, holidays to Campania are the ideal choice. With you’ll find great deals on cheap Italy holidays, so this gem is well within your reach.


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