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Calabria Holidays

Calabria holidays

South of the great city of Naples and located on the ‘toe’ of the Italian peninsula, Calabria is one of Italy’s best kept secrets just waiting to be discovered by the discerning holidaymaker. The sea surrounds this quiet corner of Italy; out to the west you can see the Tyrrhenian Sea while the Ionian Sea glistens to the east. The mountains and hills of the region provide some of the most stunning views Italy has to offer and holidays to Calabria are just over four hours away. This destination is the perfect retreat for those seeking quiet but extraordinary natural surroundings.


Authentic Italy in Calabria

The first thing that will strike you on Calabria holidays is the landscape. The three mountain ranges within the region are all unique in terms of the fauna and flora that you will find there, and while some of the region is dense with thick trees and fragrant pine, other parts are more open with vistas as far as the eye can see. Holidays to Calabria are diverse in terms of what they offer, and whether you like beach holidays or hiking, there are plenty of options for your days in this pleasant region. The close proximity of the forests to the coasts means that on holidays in Calabria, you can take in the heady peaks of the mountains as well as the sublime tranquillity of the beaches in the same day.

The coastline on Calabria holidays is famous and the poet Gabriele D'Annunzio called Reggio Calabria, “the most beautiful kilometre in Italy”. Reggio Calabria is the strait between the mainland and Sicily, and its panoramic seaside and botanical gardens draw many visitors to its fine sands. Other notable destinations on Calabria holidays include Pizzo on the coast, which is known for its tartufo ice cream as well as it’s Aragonian castle, and the hills of Cantazaro where you can find ancient Roman temples still standing in the glorious sunshine. For nightlife, the destination is Soverato that faces onto the Ioanian Sea. Its beaches and boardwalk are well renowned and its nightlife is lively and inviting.

The food and drink on holidays to Calabria is rich and varied. The lower slopes of the mountains are home to bountiful vineyards and citrus fruit orchards, and you’ll find olive trees in abundance higher up the slopes. Along the coast you can try the local speciality of cured swordfish, cod and sardines alongside delicious Mediterranean cuisine and fresh vegetables. It’s a little known fact that in Ancient times the Greeks called this region the “Land of Wine” and some wine producers are even resurrecting some of the ancient grape varieties, so wine-lovers are definitely in for a treat on holidays in Calabria.

Great deals on Calabria holidays

Holidays to Calabria are a world apart from the busy worlds of Florence, Naples and Bologna and with you can find cheap alternatives. This beautiful and authentic part of Italy is the perfect place to spend your days relaxing in the fresh open air and you’ll return to your everyday life refreshed and rejuvenated – that is if you can bear to come back!

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