Brittany Holidays

Brittany holidays

Right on the northern tip of France is the beautiful region of Brittany. The weather may not be too different from across the channel in England but the scenery and lifestyle is far from similar. Holidays in Brittany offer something a little different that isn’t too far from home and its important cultural status means that region has plenty of interesting sights to explore. Dotted with ancient towns, mysterious woodlands and a rugged coastline, Brittany has a fantastic mixture of cosmopolitan towns alongside traditional and authentic French countryside.

The region retains a homage to its past and evidence of its history are scattered from top to bottom. One of the most unusual additions to the Brittany countryside is the various megalithic monuments. These stone structures can be located across the peninsula and to this day the purpose of them is still unknown.

A work of art

Like many other areas in France, Brittany is home to a variety of chateaux and manor houses. They’re fascinating to explore and some of the bigger ones are almost intimidating in size but so delicate in their decoration.

Alongside these huge pieces of architecture, Brittany is still home to some fortified towns. One of the most famous is the walled city of Saint Malo. Popular with tourists, Saint Malo retains most of its medieval character and has refused to expand further than the walls built up hundreds of years ago. In Quimper, the art is found tucked away in the cathedral windows. The 15th century stained glass is some of the most intricately decorated in France and on a sunny day the reflections they give are incredible. The town is also famous for its faience ceramics, so make sure there’s space in your suitcase to take some home!

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Nipping across the channel to Brittany is a great way to sample the French lifestyle without journeying too far. The amazing region has an abundance of culture and history to explore and with you can discover it all for yourself. Choose from a range of great deals on offer from that can be tailored to suit your budget and start planning your France holiday. Don’t miss out on the chance to hike along the coast or practice your photography skills with the megaliths and find your perfect Brittany holiday today.