TOP 10: The most beautiful beaches in Rhodes

Rhodes stands for Greek dream beaches like no other destination. That's why the island is so popular with bathers from all over the world. Whether you want to swim in quiet solitude or would rather enjoy the hustle and bustle: The "sun island" pampers holidaymakers with over 300 sunny days a year. We show you the top 10 of the best beaches in Rhodes and what treasures you can find there. Each of these beaches can be easily reached by car or bus from Rhodes Town. Let yourself be inspired, because the perfect beach holiday on the most beautiful beaches in Greece does not have to be a coincidence. 

1. Tsambika Beach

At the foot of a massive rock lies the wide and long beach of Tsambika. The place is made for relaxed hours under the Greek sun. Beach chairs and umbrellas are available in sufficient numbers. The golden sands and the turquoise blue waters create a playful scenery and invite you to long walks or a leisurely swim. Refreshments are provided by many taverns on the beach. From the city of Rhodes it is about 25km to Tsambika on the east coast of the island. The beach is abruptly separated by a steep headland, which pushes imposingly into the sea.

Our tip: At the foot of the steep rock, nudists can look for quiet spots between the scattered rocks and rent beach chairs.  

2. Afandou Beach

19km south of Rhodes Town, the very long and wide beach of Afandou extends in front of the village of the same name. Depending on the section, Afandou Beach is made of sand or pebbles and is a very popular location for windsurfers. Because this is no secret, the beach is very lively during the peak season. To accommodate this, provisions are excellently covered by various rental offers and well-equipped bars. Clear, deep water refreshes bathers, even under the hot Mediterranean sun, and offers the best conditions for swimmers and water sports enthusiasts.

Our tip: At the top of the beach you can discover some romantic caves. But do not forget your bathing shoes! 

3. Anthony Quinn Bay

The famous bay next to the equally popular Ladiko Beach owes its name to a movie shoot with the actor Anthony Quinn and is about 20km from Rhodes Town. The beach is surrounded by a bay nestled in a spectacular way with its texture of sand, pebbles and rocks into emerald green water. The natural, wild ambience of the rather narrow and short section goes well with its original structure. There are therefore only a few umbrellas and sun loungers on site.Our tip: Grab your surfboard and plunge into the wild surf of the Atlantic.

Our tip: Visit the small tavern above the bay from which you have a magnificent view. 

4. Theologos Beach

The very contemplative and whole 10km long beach of Theologos will win you over with absolute peace and relaxation for young and old. The partially sandy, partially rocky beach offers umbrellas and deckchairs, ensuring a relaxing stay. Some excellent restaurants provide you with the best from the sea. Surrounded by rugged mountains, Theologos Beach is another insider tip for windsurfers and can also be easily reached by regular buses.Our tip: Rent a boat at Praia Santa Eulália and have a look at the impressive cliffs from the water.  

Our tip: Walk along the beach and relax on the large, warm stones. 

5. Prasonisi Beach

The peninsula Prasonisi at the south end of Rhodes is an absolute hotspot for windsurfers, especially during the summer months. At this time, the north winds blow and the athletes outdo each other in their art. On the well-equipped beach you will find windsurfing accessories, taverns and cheap accommodation. The crystal-clear water harmonises perfectly with the idyllic surroundings. A special feature is its property as a double beach. A long beach tongue connects the main island of Rhodes with the rocky island of Prasonisi.

Our tip: At the other end of the rocky island rises the old lighthouse of Prasonisi, which marks the most southerly point of Rhodes as a coveted photo motif.  

6. Stegna Beach

Peaceful Stegna beach awaits its guests off the beaten track, about 32km away from Rhodes Town. The picturesque postcard backdrop is characterised by long stretches of fine sand, and almond and lemon groves. Especially snorkellers and swimmers will get their money's worth here. Rent apartments on this secluded spot of earth right on the beach and let yourself be entertained in the taverns by the local hosts. The menu features traditional Greek dishes at reasonable prices. 

Our tip: A local family offers sporting activities such as water skiing, paragliding and fun with the banana boat.  

7. Lindos Beach

The gently sloping beach with the sparkling water gives Lindos a touch of Caribbean flair. The well-equipped beach offers excellent seafood restaurants, parasols with sun loungers and numerous water sports facilities. Barren vegetation and golden sand characterise the interesting place in the east of Rhodes. Highlight is the Acropolis of Lindos, which rises above the radiant white village and provides a wonderful photo opportunity. 

Our tip: With a snorkel and an underwater camera, go in search of funny crabs.   

8. Agathi Beach

The cosy, small beach is located in a picturesque bay. Golden sand meets emerald-green water and invites you to enjoyable hours with the whole family. Various canteens provide snacks and refreshments, as well as umbrellas, sun loungers and showers. Close by is Haraki Beach. 

Our tip: The ruins of the medieval fortress Feraklos rise up adjacent on a hill. The climb is easy to handle and rewarded with a breathtaking view over the sea.  

9. Glystra Beach

Surrounded by lush vegetation, this attractive sandy beach is around 55km from Rhodes Town. Glystra is also one of the quieter coastal areas and glistens with its azure blue water and yellow sandy beach. Due to the low depth, the water is suitable as a safe bathing zone for children. The bay extends over 200m and is surrounded by rocky hills. The well-organised section also offers sports equipment and good beach equipment.

Our tip: Swim a few metres and climb some of the small rocks in the bay. You will hardly find a more exclusive place to soak up the sun. 

10. Haraki Beach

South of Archangelos, the tranquil Haraki Beach welcomes you. The beach is also one of the top beaches in Rhodes and with its crystal-clear water is not only ideal for scuba diving and snorkelling. As a predestined place for sandcastles and with its many shells, the beach is made for children. Not far from the beach, a few typical taverns entice you with their delicious fish platters. 

Our tip: Rocks and caves surround the section and provide exciting discoveries. 

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