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Holidays to Bavaria

If you want to see the true essence of German culture and the sheer beauty that the country has to offer, a holiday in Bavaria will give you the ideal opportunity. Located in the south east of Germany it takes less than two hours to fly to the state’s capital, Munich. Not only does this iconic capital city play host to an array of history, but the state itself is a wealth of gorgeous natural landscapes and conservations. The region also holds a large number of annual festivals and is an ideal holiday location for both family and friends.

Natural Wonders

While on holiday in Bavaria there are many things that can be seen and done, from sampling local cuisine to taking sight of some breathtaking natural wonders. One of these sits on the German/Austrian border. Known as Passau, this part of Bavaria is where three scenic rivers, Danube, Inn and Ilz merge. Witnessing this from the open deck of one of the many boats that set sail is very popular. Whilst in Passau it is also worth indulging in the live organ concerts at St. Stephan’s Cathedral that can be heard echoing throughout the town.

The Medieval experience on holiday in Bavaria

During a holiday to Bavaria you can also find yourself in one of the region’s many traditional medieval cities. Regensburg and Bamberg are world renowned for medieval buildings, cathedrals, century old stone masonry and iconic surrounding scenery. Bamberg is Europe’s largest intact old town and has been a tourist attraction for many years.

If treating yourself to Bavaria’s local history is not for you, maybe you would be tempted by the sheer number of festivals that are held annually. From raising the maypole to knight tournaments, there is a vast amount of festivals and carnivals to attend. These not only give you a visual insight into the history of the Bavarian people, but a chance to interact with the local culture and traditions. The province also has a wealth of fine restaurants, bars and inns where a variety of local and traditional cuisine can be tasted.

A place steeped with a lavish and long history, a holiday in Bavaria is not only about the stories that made it what it is today, but it is a chance to witness how a modern German state still thrives on its roots. Whether travelling with the family or a group of friends, Bavaria is a part of Germany that is on the cusp of the modern world, influenced deeply by the past. Bavaria is a holiday destination that will see you creating memories and taking an unforgettable journey of discovery and culture when you take your holiday with

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