Holidays in Barbados

Discover a magical and colourful world! A tropical paradise is awaiting you when you travel to Barbados with this year. A beautiful Caribbean island, Barbados is well known as a glamorous tourist destination, with stretches of luxurious sandy beach, crystal clear waters and a vibrant culture. Get into the swing of island life, relax on the beach or by the pool and sample some delicious local cuisine. Barbados is overflowing with natural beauty, with breath taking coral reefs awaiting you out to sea and picturesque rolling hills inland, you will never be short of gorgeous new spots to explore. An ideal holiday destination for any group, Barbados is a great place for family holidays, romantic getaways or a sun filled break with friends.

Holidays to Barbados bring to mind an idyllic tropical island with a colourful party atmosphere and that is exactly what you get when you visit. With dream-like beaches with white sands and turquoise water, this Caribbean island checks all the boxes. Add in historic sights, delicious cuisine and festivals galore, and you will have a complete holiday experience all in one beautiful location.

Our top all inclusive holidays to Barbados

Explore with Barbados Holidays

With so much to see and do it might be hard to know where to start! The best thing to do is to take things at your own pace, whatever you crave from a holiday; you are bound to find it on this delightful island.

The beaches of Barbados are undoubtedly the star attractions, famous not just for their beauty but also for their versatility. Whether you want to explore the coral and incredible underwater scenery, try your hand at surfing and other water sports, or simply lounge around on the soft white sand, you are sure to find the beach for you. The east coast is the prime location for surfers and thrill seekers, with fierce Atlantic waves hitting the beaches. Not recommended for a relaxing swim but great if you are looking to catch some big waves. The Soup Bowl near Bathsheba is a popular surfing spot and the dramatic landscape along this section of the coast make it great for walking and picnics, head to Cattlewash for some great views along the coastline. For a more relaxing beach experience head to the west coast which offers calm seas and a flatter terrain. A huge range of idyllic beaches line the coastline, including Brandons, Heywoods and Mullins Bay.

If you are looking for some excitement in the evening then we recommend you head to St Lawrence Gap and explore the nightclubs and venues which enliven this coastal town every night. A visit to St Lawrence is a brilliant chance to hear some live Caribbean music and immerse yourself in the party atmosphere for which the island is famous. Why not visit the capital, Bridgetown?

The beauty of Barbados awaits you!

With no real off season you will always find the island a bustling and welcoming place to visit. Book an affordable holiday to Barbados with today and you could be enjoying the exotic sights and smells sooner than you think. We are experts at making your trip affordable and hassle free.

Things to do 


Enjoy duty-free shopping everywhere in Barbados and get 30-50% discounts on prices compared to the UK. Just remember to take your passport and flight ticket to take advantage of these incredible discounts. From designer clothing boutiques and stylish shopping centres to busy markets with unique local crafts and jewellery, Barbados is a real shoppers paradise. 


Spend the day lounging in paradise and watch the world go by or take part in some of the exciting activities on offer. Barbados has more than 80 beaches to choose from, so you can soak in the Caribbean sun and go surfing, paddleboarding or snorkelling. Mullins and Pebble beaches are a hive of water activities, the Bathsheba Soup Bowl is great for surfing. Bottom Bay offers that truly tranquil beach experience that you imagine when thinking of Barbados. 


After relaxing days in the sun Barbados comes to life at night. Relaxed bars, nightclubs and stylish lounges offer a choice of ambience and music to suit everyone's taste. Party cruises are a unique way to spend a night. Set on a 'pirate ship', you will have a delicious dinner, rum punch and plenty of fun! There are gaming arcades throughout the island, which make an ideal fun family night out. Be sure to check out which festivals are being held during your stay for even more entertainment.

Top places to visit

Historic Bridgetown

The island's capital Bridgetown features the highest number of monuments and memorials anywhere in the Caribbean. These include the Emancipation Statue on J.T.C. Ramsay roundabout and Independence Arch on Chamberlain Bridge, built to celebrate independence and remember the history of Barbados as a colony. The Barbados Museum displays information and artefacts which depict the island's history from Amerindians, the indigenous people through to independence in 1966.

Barbados Wildlife Reserve

This small, busy island still have plenty of untouched areas to explore the lush landscapes and spot some fascinating wildlife. The Barbados Wildlife Reserve, set in a peaceful Mahogany tree forest, allows you to see the local wildlife in their natural habitats. From green monkeys to brocket deer, keep on the lookout as you walk the trail. There is a caiman pit, a serpentarium and an iguana sanctuary where you view some slower moving creatures. Don't miss monkey feeding time at 2pm!

The birthplace of rum

Barbados is known as the birthplace of rum where production first began in the 1640's. The oldest distillery in the world, Mount Gay, was founded in 1706 and still produces the best rum to this day. Their visitor's centre tells of the history of rum and how it has influenced the island. Many distilleries offer tours and there are rum shops that serve drinks, sometimes food and often have lively dominos games outside.

How to get to Barbados

Direct flights to Barbados from London take around 8.5 hours. Flights from regional airports will take a little longer. The timezone in Barbados is 4 hours behind GMT. All flights land at Grantley Adams International Airport, which is in the south-east of the island. It takes less than an hour to drive to any destination in Barbados.

Things to see in Barbados

  • Festivals - bright, loud and fun or action-packed and celebratory, a festival in Barbados during your stay should not be missed. Whether its the vibrant Crop Over or a more sedate orchid show, the island knows how to celebrate in style.
  • Cherry Tree Hill - a mysterious gravity hill in St. Andrew parish. Here, vehicles strangely roll uphill. Try it for yourself and you can also enjoy picturesque views over the Scotland District.
  • Sports events - Barbados loves cricket, check out a match at the Kensington Oval. Bushy Park Racing Circuit hosts a variety of motorsports events. Horse racing at the Garrison Savannah or games at several polo clubs can be enjoyed too.
  • Sea turtles - rare Hawksbill and the Leatherback turtles nest on the island's beaches assisted by The Barbados Sea Turtle Project. You may also be able to see green turtles at Mount Standfast.

Typical food and gastronomy in Barbados

Bajan food has been influenced by African, Indian and British dishes, making it a unique and complex cuisine. Try cou-cou and flying fish with spicy gravy, the national dish, made with cornmeal and okra. Fish and other seafood feature heavily in the cuisine, along with comforting sides such as rice, yams and saltbread. Bakes, a type of muffin, and fish cakes from a street vendor make a perfect snack while wandering around the sights. You will also find plenty of sweet treats being sold on the streets, including ginger beer, tamarind balls and conkie, spiced coconut, pumpkin and corn flour cooked in a banana leaf.

Best time of the year to visit Barbados

Festivals are held throughout the year in Barbados, celebrating everything from food and drink to golf. The Crop Over Festival is the biggest of them all, held every year from late June to early August. Originally started to mark the end of the sugar cane growing season, Crop Over is now a gigantic party with music and colourful costumes. Grand Kadooment is the climax of the festival, usually in the first week of August, making this a great time to visit Barbados. You may get some rain at this time of year, but it is still hot and sunny much of the time.

Weather & Climate in Barbados

Generally, Barbados has a dry season in winter and spring, and then a wet season in summer and autumn. June to November is hurricane season in the Caribbean, however, Barbados is only affected every 25 years, on average. Hot all year round, temperatures average around 27°C almost every month in Barbados. November is usually the wettest month of the year, followed closely by September and October. During February to April the weather is warm and dry, making it the ideal time to visit for some winter sun without the humidity.

Visa and migration info

Visitors to Barbados from the UK do not require a visa to enter the country. All that is required is a return flight ticket, a valid passport for the duration of your stay and the address of where you will be staying on the island.