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All inclusive holidays Maldives

The Maldives is an island nation in the South Indian Ocean comprising of over 1,000 unspeakably beautiful coral islands, with no two the same. White-sand beaches, warm tropical waters and lush landscapes make the Maldives the world’s most iconic honeymoon destination, but there’s more to this archipelago than just a romantic getaway. It’s also an excellent place for watersports such as snorkelling, diving and surfing. With unique natural landscapes, both under and over the water, there really is no place like the Maldives anywhere else on Earth.

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Top destinations for an all inclusive holiday in the Maldives

All inclusive holidays in the Maldives are available on many of the inhabited islands that make up this sovereign nation. With so many islands, each with its own distinctive features and characteristics, holidaymakers will find themselves spoilt for choice. Despite the country’s reputation for offering luxury resorts, of which there are many, there are also numerous options for those looking for something a bit cheaper when it comes to all inclusive holidays to the Maldives.

  • Baa Atoll is a Unesco Protected Biosphere and is one of the most photographed locations in the archipelago. Impeccably soft white sand beaches and unearthly turquoise waters make it popular with snorkellers and divers, hoping to spot a hammerhead shark, hawksbill turtle or angel fish. It’s also home to a wide number of upscale hotels and is the island of choice for many A-listers. 
  • Maafushi Island is the most cosmopolitan destination in the Maldives, with a progressive attitude to tourism, visitors will find a bikini beach and even a choice of off-shore floating bars. It also provides the perfect backdrop for a yoga retreat and is ideal for nature lovers. One of the best places to find cheap all inclusive holidays to the Maldives. 
  • North Male Atoll is home to the capital city, Male. North Male is home to the largest number of hotels, business and resorts in the country and is certainly the most developed. Ideal for those who want access to the best shopping, sport and entertainment. You can find a number of more secluded resorts along the northern coast of the island. The city of Male is home to the country’s most significant landmark, the Old Friday Mosque, built from coral in the 17th century. "

Things to do in the Maldives on an all inclusive holiday

Travel between the islands is undertaken by seaplane, ferry or domestic flight. A journey may consist of both a domestic flight or seaplane and a boat trip. The boat most typically used is a Dhoni, similar to an Arabian dhow, although some hotels will offer speedboats for travel to and from Velena International Airport (on Hulhule Island, 2km from Male). Getting around the islands themselves is usually straightforward as most islands are fairly small. Some resorts will rent out bicycles whilst the larger islands have taxi and bus services.


As a Muslim country, abstention from alcohol is observed by residents and is therefore not available in restaurants, cafes or shops, but within self-contained resorts visitors will be able to enjoy a wide choice of alcoholic drinks. In fact you will even find nightclubs are housed within some resorts. In the main however, the Maldives is not a party destination. Nightlife generally takes the form of an evening meal and a possibly a few drinks at the hotel bar.

Celebrations and Traditions

As a majority Sunni Muslim country, the main Islamic holidays are observed such as Eid and Ramadan (known as Ramazan in the Maldives). The culture of the Maldives is a culmination of Singhalese, Arabian and South Indian traditions. Huravee Day is celebrated all over the nation marking a victory from South Indian invaders in the 12 century. National Day, celebrated in late October, is also a recognition of Maldivian indeppence and is marked by millitary parades in Male.

Typical food and gastronomy in the Maldives

Unsurprisingly, Maldivian cuisine centres largely around seafood, with local fish such as tuna commonly on the menu. The style of cooking is heavily influenced by South Indian, notably Keralan, cuisine. Dishes are usually hot, spicy and flavoured with coconut. Curry dishes are typically served with Indian bread, such as puri, and rice. Snacks are available at most cafes and hotels, the most popular are a variety of deep fried or pastry covered fish. 

Visa and migration info

Visas are not required for a holiday or visit of less than 30 days. Visitors passports will be stamped on arrival with a 30-day stamp. Those who want to extend their trip can apply for an extensive to the stamp for a maximum of 30 more days.

Accomodation in the Maldives

There is a wide choice of accommodation in the Maldives, from low-cost backpacker hotels in Maafushi to upscale and exclusive five-star resorts found in every corner of the nation, as well as guesthouses and beachside villas. Those looking for an all inclusive holiday will find a superb selection of 5 star hotels with excellent facilities in a range of budgets. The best all inclusive resorts often feature a swimming pool, private beach, a bar and a restaurant and often encompass an entire island. Holidaymakers can save by booking a flight + all inclusive hotel together at, where you'll find the very best deals.

Tips for holidays in the Maldives

  1. Despite it's exclusive reputation, it is possible to find surprisingly good value all inclusive holidays to the Maldives, especially when you book at the beginning or end of the monsoon season. Last minute holidays to the Maldives is another way to save considerable money. 
  2. During your trip it's highly tempting to relax at the resort where you will have everything you need, but it really is worth taking a boat trip to nearby islands and booking a nature guide to dicosver more of this most exceptional country.