All-inclusive Holidays Cape Verde

If you want holidays where the kids are happy or holidays where you simply relax, doing what you want when you want, then all-inclusive resorts are perfect. With all-inclusive holidays to Cape Verde, you can lie by the pool or on tropical beaches while the children are kept busy in kids' clubs. Then, try out an exciting new activity such as paddle boarding or scuba diving. And with cheap all inclusive holidays in Cape Verde from your food, drink and a range of activities are included. You're definitely going to get excellent value for your money.

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Top destinations for an all-inclusive holiday in Cape Verde

Book a Cape Verde holiday and enjoy the year-round tropical climate of this archipelago known as the African Caribbean. Lying on the most westerly point of Africa, the Cape Verde islands offer spectacular scenery and plenty of activities from swimming and sunbathing on white sandy beaches to whale-watching trips, from dining on local cuisine to learning a new sport. Our top destinations for all-inclusive holidays to Cape Verde are: 

Boa Vista: This is the third largest island in Cape Verde with over 30 miles of white sandy beaches lapped by crystal waters. One of the most beautiful of these is Praia Chave. Although the island's highest point is the Peak of Estância at just under 1,300 feet, Boa Vista is mainly flat and covered by dunes formed by sand blowing over from the Sahara. This desert-like interior is dotted with oases of water fringed by date palms. The wind-blown beaches are perfect for windsurfing while taking a jeep safari into the interior provides an adrenaline rush you won't forget in a hurry. 

Sal: is always a popular destination for cheap all-inclusive holidays in Cape Verde. The island's name comes from when it was once at the centre of a profitable salt trading route. Beaches stretch for five miles, perfect for lazy days while the interior is made up of an intriguing lunar-like landscape. The old town of Santa Maria provides a colourful contrast with its painted houses, cobbled streets and central square, perfect for an al fresco morning coffee or evening cocktail. As one of the most popular of the 10 Cape Verde islands, Sal offers more in the way of shopping and cultural activities as well as a wide choice of watersports and a livelier nightlife.

Things to do in Cape Verde on an all-inclusive holiday

  • There is always plenty to do in the Cape Verde islands, either in your all-inclusive resort or when you venture further afield. 
  • Getting around the islands Travelling between the islands can be done by plane or ferry. Journey times are shorter but cost more by plane. Plan plenty of time for your island-hopping adventures, as published timetables for ferries are a guideline only. In the main towns such as Santa Maria on Sal and Sal Rei on Boa Vista, you'll find fleets of new, metered taxis. If you wish to go further inland then travel like a local and pick up an aluguer or open-backed pickup truck. These hold about 15 passengers and depart from the main squares. They don't, however, depart until full so allow plenty of time for your explorations. 
  • Explore the maritime life of the islands: Loggerhead turtles and Humpback whales are just part of the rich maritime life of the Cape Verde archipelago. Join a nighttime beach patrol during the Loggerhead nesting season and watch as hundreds of turtles come ashore in the moonlight. August is the peak month for nesting. Whale watching tours depart from both Sal and Boa Vista and are an ideal way of catching a glimpse of these magnificent creatures. The best time to see whales is from February to May. -
  • Watersports The strong winds of January to March have made Sal and Boa Vista into world-class destinations for kiteboarding with the beach of Ponta Preta among the best. Surfing is growing in popularity in Cape Verde, although the waves can be a little unreliable. Experienced scuba divers can enjoy exploring shipwrecks as dolphins play around them while beginners will find schools on both Sal and Boa Vista that offer taster lessons. 
  • Festivals and celebrations Nossa Senora de Piedade (Our Lady of Pity) is honoured on the 15th August with processions through the streets of Santa Maria followed by swimming competitions and music on the beaches. September sees the Santa Maria Festival with live music and street food. The patron saint of Boa Vista, Santa Isabel, is celebrated on the 4th July with parades, horse racing, swimming competitions and a public ball.

Typical food and gastronomy in Cape Verde

While your all-inclusive holidays to Cape Verde will offer a choice of restaurants it is also nice to experience the local gastronomy of the islands. Both Boa Vista and Sal have a mix of fine restaurants and more rustic family-owned eateries. The gastronomy of Cape Verde is a mix of Portuguese and African influences. Alentejo wine and Portuguese olives sit alongside corn and bean-based dishes. Dishes to try include cachupa, a slow-cooked dish of corn, beans, vegetables and either fish or beef as well as lagostada, a lobster dish. International food, particularly Italian, is also widely available.

Weather & Climate in Cape Verde

Cape Verde enjoys a tropical climate with warm dry summers. Rainfall is low, falling mainly from June to February and peaking in September. The islands of Boa Vista and Sal are almost completely arid leading to their desert and lunar-like appearance. Winds are at their strongest from December to April. This is the best time to visit if you're a keen windsurfer or kiteboarder.

Visa and migration info

You need a visa to visit Cape Verde. Visas are valid for one month and can be purchased at the airports of Praia or Sal on arrival. Visas cost €25 and the exact money is always appreciated and will speed up your transit through the airport.

Accommodation in Cape Verde

With all-inclusive accommodation on Cape Verde, all you have to do is sit back and enjoy your stay. When you book an all-inclusive holiday with, your package will include your airfare as well as your accommodation and all of your food and drinks. Some packages will also include a range of activities while other activities can be booked and paid for during your holiday. By choosing a Cape Verde flight and hotel package from you not only save money, especially if travelling at peak times but save time spent finding your own flights and accommodation and matching up availability.

Extra tips

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