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As a person, entity, affiliate or it's agent operating one or more "web site(s)" (domain or portion of a domain within the Internet and/or subscription email list(s) ("Publisher") you ("You") and ("") have each entered into separate agreements with Affiliate Window Ltd ("AW") in connection with the Program (as defined in the Publisher Service Agreement). This Agreement applies to You, as a Publisher, having membership of the Program in conjunction with and provides certain additional terms and conditions further to those that You have agreed to pursuant to the Publisher Service Agreement entered into with the AW (the "Affiliate Window Publisher Agreement").

You acknowledge that, as a Publisher, You may participate in's Program but subject at all times to the terms and conditions below.

Terms and conditions

In consideration of Publisher being a member of the programme, you agree and promise to abide by the following additional conditions of membership:

1. Publisher who are members of the programme shall not (and ensure that their employees or agents shall not):

  • Apply or bid in any search, referral or advertising service on any Lastminute Network Trademarks (‘Restricted Names’).
  • Apply or bid for any terms, words or phrases that are similar to any Lastminute Network Trademarks (including but not limited to possible misspellings, abbreviations, terms which are identical to Restricted Name but use the wrong case, or that merge Restricted Names with other words, terms or phrases);or
  • Apply or bid for any terms, words or phrases that incorporate (wholly or partly) Lastminute Network Trademarks or those similar terms, words or phrases referred to in paragraph (b).
  • -n any ‘pay-per-click’, sponsored link or any similar scheme available on any Internet search engines (‘Pay for Search Schemes’) for any reason including, but not limited to, bidding or applying for the above with a view to driving traffic to’s website.

2. The above prohibition includes but is not limited to those Pay for Search Schemes available through Google, Espotting, Overture and Mirago.

3. Some of the 'Restricted Names' would include "", "lastminute", "Lastminute", "last", "lastmin", "", "last minute com", "lastminute com", "lastmin com", "".