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In the centre of Switzerland, and just slightly to the north is Zurich. This is truly one of the world's most beautiful cities, sitting in the shadow of nearby mountains, and on one of Switzerland's picturesque lakes, you can easily spend a day at Lake Zurich or on the slopes of Uetilberg Mountain.


Zurich architecture tours are a great way to experience the city, and they'll give you the chance to see loads of the stunning buildings in the city all in one afternoon. The tours are so popular you can even download routes online that will take you around the city on interesting and fun trails.

One of the most interesting areas of the city is the Old Town. The Old Town itself is made up of cobbled streets, restaurants and cafes, not to mention religious landmarks like Saint Peter's, a building with plenty of history if you do choose to visit. Elsewhere, within the Old Town you'll find the highest concentration of clubs in the whole of Switzerland, not to mention many famous shops on the shopping mile. If you're looking to see more impressive buildings then the double towers of the Great Minster are great for a quick photo opportunity.


Stick around the Old Town to grab a bite to eat and you'll be spoilt for choice. The Hotel Adler's restaurant Swiss Chuchi has traditional Swiss fare and the fondue comes well recommended. The Pulcino is next door to that and has a great array of Italian food on offer.

While you wander through the gorgeous city of Zurich you'd do well to collect some of the special roasted chestnuts available from shops and vendors. These can be a great nibble if you work up a hunger on your sight-seeing.


As a huge city the usual brands of hotel are available in Zurich like the local Marriott. However, you'll also find some charming traditional Swiss hotels too. Le Muh is one such hotel where the staff are friendly and the location makes it easy to wander in and out of the city centre. Just around the corner is the Hotel Alexander Zurich for those who want something larger and more modern. Here you will find well turned out rooms and a professional atmosphere.

A Zurich holiday is a great way to see one of Europe's friendliest and most enjoyable locations. Travel now with to make great savings on a Zurich getaway.

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