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Battle-scarred yet defiant, Sarajevo has emerged from the war-torn 20th century to become a gleaming, vibrant metropolis showcasing the finest elements of Bosnian and Herzegovinian culture. As the site of the assassination that ignited the First World War, and lying at the heart of Europe’s collapsed empires and fractured ethnic make-up, Sarajevo endured the longest siege in modern history in the 90s to round off a turbulent century embroiled in the knot of European conflict. Sarajevo has for centuries, however, been defined by the peaceful co-existence of its religious communities. For many years Sarajevo was the only place in Europe you would find a synagogue, a church and a mosque in the same neighbourhood, making the city’s ancient heart worthy of the title 'Jerusalem of Europe’. Walk Sarajevo’s age-old streets and you’ll be captivated by its archaic beauty.


Flights to Sarajevo from London take you into Sarajevo International Airport, which is within easy reach of the city centre. You can savour Sarajevo’s cultural diversity by viewing its eclectic cityscape from the ramparts of the Vratnik Citadel. From here you’ll see a dramatic jumble of minarets standing cheek-by-jowl with the domes of churches, while the pot-marked stones of synagogues loom over the bustle of spice-sellers in the souks. What’s more, as you gaze out over the sun setting beneath the Dinaric Alps, the lavender-hued sky enlivens with the Islamic call of the muezzin and the distant peal of church bells. The tunnels that lie beneath the city were once vital lifelines during the siege of 1992 and now act as a museum dedicated to Sarajevo’s survival of the ordeal. After visiting the evocative Emperor’s Mosque and the Sacred Heart Cathedral, you can walk across the beautiful Latin Bridge which arches gracefully over the River Miljacka. In June 1914, the Archduke Franz Ferdinand was assassinated on this bridge, an event which led to the First World War.

Food and drink

As a city rich in multi-ethnic influences, Sarajevo’s cuisine is a delight. In the Ottoman-inspired eatery of Inat Kuća, you’ll be regaled with Bosnian music while you enjoy delicious regional dishes. Elsewhere, Kod Bibana offers scenic views and wholesome meals. If you’re after authentic rural fare, head down to Morića Han where garlic ravioli is served in a rustic setting.

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