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A United States territory located in the north-east of the Caribbean, Puerto Rico is an enchanting archipelago. With its endless beaches, wild and tropical terrain and variety of Spanish and American influences, Puerto Rico is the perfect vacation destination all year long.

Endless sandy beaches and picturesque islands

With over 248 recognised beaches, Puerto Rican vacationers can find crystal-clear blue waters, idyllic offshore islands and peaceful seascapes in every direction. The winter surf along Puerto Rico’s northwest coast is regarded as one of the best surfing spots across the globe. Rincòn, dubbed the “Caribbean Pipeline”, is the centre of the island surf scene, where winter waves here can approach 20 feet. When the big surf goes quiet in the summer, snorkeling along picture-perfect reefs is enjoyable for both beginners and experts, with diverse and rainbow-hued marine life right offshore.

Nature and adventure

On your flights to Puerto Rico you will catch a bird’s-eye view of the misty mountains, white beaches, golf courses, and natural rainforests. Once on the ground, a world of adventure is at your disposal. Vacationers can embark on horseback, riding down tropical trails, or catch a blue marlin or barracuda on a chartered fishing trip. Explore the lush trails and beautiful views of the El Yunque National Forest, a 28,000-acre tropical rainforest, and Puerto Rico’s premier eco-tourism location. While you’re there, hike along the La Mina Trail to the ever-popular La Mina Falls, where you swim in the dipping pool and marvel at one of the island’s untouched waterfalls.

History and culture

Recognised as the oldest European-founded settlement under US jurisdiction, Puerto Rico boasts a culture rich with tradition. The Catedral de San Juan is the second oldest cathedral in the western hemisphere, while the Iglesia San Jose, erected in 1532, is an excellent example of 16th-century Spanish Gothic architecture. Don’t leave without exploring the Old San Juan, in Puerto Rico’s capital city. A 465-year-old neighbourhood, it has evolved into a charming residential and commercial district. Make sure you visit El Morro, the 16th-century Spanish citadel that once protected the city from invaders, or head over to the Museo Castillo Serralles. A product of the sugar boom, the Bacardi Rum Plant - the largest rum distillery in the world - offers daily tours that include a museum tour and a free rum cocktail.

Dining and nightlife

Make sure you try some of the salty and aromatic native dishes, such as arroz con pollo (chicken and rice) or mofongo (mashed plantains with garlic). Restaurants like Ajili Mojilli or Antojitos Puertorriqueños will take you on an authentic culinary adventure. Alternatively, if you prefer a blend of American and European flavours, head to The Parrot Club, Toro Salao or Aquaviva.

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