Cheap flights to Poland

With its vibrant urban centres, rich history and picturesque countryside that ranges from shimmering turquoise lakes and sandy beaches to jagged mountain peaks, Poland is a destination with plenty to offer visitors. Flights to Poland can be booked through with ease, as can accommodation in the city. Don't forget to find out about our multi-airline return fares if you're keen to secure the best possible deal. For more information on visiting the country, simply speak to a member of our travel team today.

Poland's major cities

Warsaw and Krakow are the two biggest cities in the country, the former being Poland's capital. After considerable rebuilding during the decades following the Second World War, Warsaw has grown into an incredibly energetic city with a vibrant cultural scene, lively nightlife and a distinctly European feel. Wander through the old town past Market Square with its many shops and cafés, discover all about Warsaw's rich history and turbulent past at the Historical Museum of Warsaw, and visit Wilanów Palace to admire the stunning Baroque architecture. There is a friendly, if fairly intense, rivalry between the capital and Poland's second city, Krakow. Here you'll find a wonderful old town that's packed with visitors during the warm summer months, countless churches, palaces and museums, plus a wonderful array of options when it comes to dining out and enjoying live entertainment. Visit King's Castle and the city's cathedral on Wawel Hill, spend time relaxing in the old town's main square – a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and discover an incredible collection of artwork at the Czartoryski Museum.

Idyllic countryside

There is plenty happening outside of Poland's main cities too. Spend a few days on horseback exploring the Beskid Mountains, or perhaps attempt some of the peaks within the Tatra Mountains. Poland is an ideal place to go hiking, with more than 15,000 miles of marked trails criss-crossing the country. There are 23 national parks spread across Poland, including Slowinski National Park, a magnificent coastal reserve known for its sand dunes, peatbogs, lakes and forests.


No city break in Poland would be complete without experiencing some of the excellent shopping opportunities on offer. Boutiques, chain stores, galleries and craft shops can be found in all the major centres throughout the country. The Arkadia shopping complex in Warsaw has hundreds of retailers under one roof, while more bespoke items can be readily found at small markets such as the one held regularly within Krakow's Cloth Hall.

Food and drink

Polish cuisine is perhaps best described as hearty fare, often simple dishes that make use of the freshest locally sourced ingredients to create something rather special. Sauerkraut is something of a staple in many recipes, and delicious Polish bread can be found at small, local bakeries everywhere. Pickled cabbage soup, steak tartare and Silesian dumplings are all favourites and can be found on menus up and down the country.