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With Russia to the north and China to the South, Mongolia, although dwarfed by its neighbours, is six times the size of the UK. Book one of our flights to Mongolia and explore this fascinating east-central Asian destination – a land with a rich history and heritage, and incredible scenery.

Remarkable vistas and fantastic fauna

The landscapes of Mongolia are a feast for the eyes. The dramatic Altai Mountains in the west of the country are populated by wolves, foxes, marmots and golden eagles. Witness the Tavan Bogd range of mountains that straddle the Chinese border, featuring Khuiten Uul, Mongolia's tallest peak which scales 4,375 metres. Visit the country's largest freshwater body, Lake Khövsgöl, which is surrounded by the lush green forests of Taiga. Take a camel ride across the golden sands of the Gobi Desert – its vast tracts home to wild sheep, eagles and vultures, and the dunes of Mongol Els. Ride a horse among the flora and fauna of Gun-Galuut Nature Reserve where you can see endangered creatures such as Argali wild mountain sheep and the bearded vulture. And to spy grey wolves, Mongolian gazelle, black storks and around 40 other mammal species, travel to Khustain Nuruu National Park.

Incredible Journey

The Trans-Siberian Railway offers you the journey of a lifetime. Board the train which has arrived from Russia and travel through the remotest parts of Mongolia and China, taking in the Great Wall before arriving in Hong Kong.

Ulan Bator

Simply by strolling the streets the capital city, Ulan Bator, you'll discover the history and culture of this great country. See the Gandantegchinlen Monastery, the largest of its kind in Mongolia and the incredible monument to the country's most famous son, Genghis Khan.

The Wrath of Khan

Some 220 miles west of the capital, on the eastern fringes of Khangai Nuruu National Park, lies the city of Karakorum. Here you'll discover what remains of Genghis Khan's ancient capital, the heart of the Mongol Empire. And close by are the eye-popping ruins of Erdene Zuu Monastery, which date back to the 16th century.

Eating, drinking and nightlife

The lion's share of the country's eateries can be found in the capital and Namaste, an Indian restaurant, is one of the best. Dine on butter chicken or rogan josh while enjoying a refreshing Khar Khorum beer. Another Indian establishment worthy of your attention is award-winning Hazara where you can feast on succulent kebabs and divine deserts such as kulfis and lassis, all made to traditional recipes.With arguably the best coffee in the city, Millie's Espresso is well worth a visit. Here you can enjoy a fusion of North and South American and European food, from Philly cheese steak to burritos, and delicious deserts such as cheesecake.Ulan Bator is the place to go for night-time fun. Here you can visit the country's biggest nightclub, New Mass Club, where you can experience Mongolian-style hip-hop. Or try Lux Club, an upmarket establishment popular with travellers as well as locals.

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