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With a long history combining a mix of Balkan and Mediterranean influences, Macedonia is a captivating country with a warm, sunny climate. This landlocked, mountainous place has much to offer in the way of natural beauty. And the cities range from the UNESCO-listed waterside destination of Ohrid, to the culturally diverse and historically intriguing Skopje, Macedonia’s capital. When planning your trip, note that flights to Macedonia head to one of two international airports; Alexander the Great Airport in the capital, and St Paul the Apostle Airport at top tourist spot, Ohrid.

Things to do

If you’d like to explore the great outdoors, Macedonia certainly won’t disappoint. This little country is packed with breathtaking sights, from the tumultuous River Drim and the dramatic Kolesino Falls, through to the lush, majestic landscapes of the Pelister National Park. In Skopje, take time to wander through the historic streets, or along the picturesque River Vardar, before popping across to experience grand, must-see tourist spots like Kale Fortress, or the magical Old Bazaar with its charming little cafés and shops. Over in Ohrid, you can pick up a bargain in the local markets, stroll round the beautiful lake. Or explore some of its ancient churches, like the spectacular 13th-century St. Bogorodica Perivlepta.

Food and drink

Eating out is a great experience right across Macedonia. Typical local dishes include lots of salad, grilled meats and a feta-like cheese called Sirenje. You can pick up a snack from a street vendor in most of the big cities, and in Ohrid make sure to sample some fresh fish from the lake. The country is also well known for its red wines, with some significant wineries dotted around the area, and Rakija, a type of brandy. Most local wines are nice and budget-friendly too, so you can sample a few bottles during your trip without breaking the bank.

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