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Luxembourg is perhaps best known for banking, and it’s true, it is one of the wealthiest countries in Europe. But there’s much more to discover in this magical destination than this. The capital’s picture-perfect old town could have been lifted straight from a storybook, and there is a rich collection of must-see cultural spots across the country’s modest length. When it comes to getting there, most flights to Luxembourg head to the country’s international airport. This petit country has great transport links, so from there you’ll be able to easily get to your destination of choice.


Despite much of the country’s population living in the majestic rural countryside, perhaps the best place to start off your trip is the City of Luxembourg. Here you’ll find top tourist hotspots like the Grand Ducal Palace and the gothic Cathedral of Notre Dame. The streets themselves wind snakelike around the city, so if nothing else, wandering through the atmospheric cobblestone alleyways is a great way to spend an afternoon. For something a little different, and to get a true taste of the history of this beautiful country, take time to explore Vianden. This beautiful village is home to the famous Beaufort Castle, a 12th-century fort that exudes romance and intrigue

Food and entertainment

Traditionally, local cuisine has heavy German influences, so expect lots of hearty pork dishes like the nationally famous judd mat gaardebounen. The country is a great wine producer too, so make sure to try some of the local tipple while you’re there. White wines are their forte, with Rieslings and Pinot Gris numbering some of the most popular. And you can head to one of the local villages for wine tastings if you’d like a real experience. For nighttime entertainment, you’ll be best off sticking to the capital. While it’s not a famous clubbing destination, there are plenty of lovely bars and pubs to enjoy and the odd club if you’d like to dance the night away.

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