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Lebanon's west coast bathes in the waters of the Mediterranean Sea, while to the north and east, the country is flanked by Syria and to the south by Israel. Book one of our flights to Lebanon and discover this fascinating Middle Eastern country.


Halfway down Lebanon's coastline lies Beirut, the country's largest city and its capital. Discover Beirut's history and culture simply by walking its streets, particularly those of the Old Town. Take advantage of a local expert who will show you the most interesting places and let you in on little-known facts about life in this great city. Enjoy a stroll along the Corniche, Beirut's glorious promenade while glimpsing disparate folk, from fishermen about to set sail to the city's trendy young people, decked out in the latest fashions. Make your way to a vantage point from which to view the splendid Pigeon Rocks, and perhaps take a boat out and see them up close.

City of the sun

Approximately 45 miles east of Beirut, close to the Syrian border, lies the city of Baalbek, a UNESCO World Heritage Centre. Historically a Phoenician city, it was known as Heliopolis – or City of the Sun – during the Hellenistic period. And during Roman times, three magnificent edifices were created there – the Temple of Jupiter, The Temple of Bacchus and the Temple of Venus. While the temple of Jupiter has the sheer scale, the Temple of Bacchus is exquisitely decorated and extremely well preserved. And the Temple of Venus is no less impressive, a circular structure whose roof is supported by pillars.

Fun city

A short 13-mile trip up the coast from Beirut takes you to Jounieh, which was once a peaceful fishing village. It's now a prime haunt of local revellers and fun-seeking travellers. Fancy your chances with Lady Luck? Then visit Casino du Liban, an elegant playground of the rich and famous that has approximately 60 gaming tables and more than six times as many slot machines. You can also take in a show, dance the night away or dine in one of its five restaurants.

Eating and drinking

Zahlé, a busy and friendly little town, 30 miles east of Beirut, is home to Château Ksara. Here you'll experience wine tasting with a difference as you navigate more than a mile's worth of subterranean tunnels, some of which date back to Roman times. These caverns provide the perfect temperature to store Le Château's fine vintages. Beirut's Couqley offers divine French cuisine where you might opt for shrimp avocado followed by prime Black Angus filet, with mousse au chocolat to finish. Also in the capital, Little Lebanon is a family-owned bistro and bakery where you can enjoy home-cooked and freshly made Lebanese dishes. Perhaps try the house bread baked in a brick oven or the falafel that is made as soon as you order it. And don't forget to sample some sweet treats such as baklava and a range of regional deserts.

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