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With its setting in the ancient Middle East, you might expect Kuwait to be a landscape of desert without much else going on. Nothing could be further from the truth. Along the coast of the Arabian Sea you’ll find pretty, laid-back towns, and the capital, Kuwait City is a hive of culture, entertainment and industry. It’s certainly here where you’ll find most action, a beautiful green oasis among the desert plains, with picture-perfect beaches and lively markets.To start your trip, you’ll almost certainly land in the capital. Flights to Kuwait head to the international airport, just outside the centre. So whatever your holiday plans, make sure to spend some time in this vibrant destination to get the full Kuwaiti experience.

Planning your trip

FTo experience life outside Kuwait City, try the historic Failaka Island as a starting point. This intriguing place has Bronze Age and ancient Greek archaeological sites that will thrill history buffs. The Kazmah desert cliffs are also worth seeing to be believed. They offer bird’s-eye views across the otherwise flat landscape and across the bay on a clear day. In Kuwait City, check out the traditional Al-Mubarakiya shops to pick up a holiday souvenir. Peruse the Museum of Modern Art, or the Al-Aujairy’s Astronomical Museum. Or discover Sadu House, a historic coral house with an authentically Kuwaiti feel.

Food and drink

It’s worth noting that alcohol is forbidden throughout Kuwait, so you won’t be coming across to sample the local tipple. Food, on the other hand, is plentiful and diverse. Particularly in Kuwait City. Whether you’re looking to grab a French baguette, indulge in some Italian food, or try some of the local dishes. Traditionally, Kuwaiti cuisine is a mix of Mediterranean, Arabian, Persian and Indian food. This diverse and flavourful mix of influences makes the local dishes gorgeously indulgent, from stuffed zucchinis to chicken biryanis.

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