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The ancient settlement of Konya, in the mountains of the Central Anatolia Region , has been inhabited for several thousand years, and is one of Turkey's largest cities. To get here, many tourists book direct flights to Konya Airport from destinations such as Istanbul, Copenhagen and Amsterdam.

The Alaeddin Mosque

Konya's oldest mosque, built on the remnants of an acropolis, the Alaeddin Mosque was built in the early 13th century during the Sultanate of Rum era. It's a splendid example of Turkish Islamic architecture, and is particularly noted for its recycled Hellenistic and Byzantine columns. The museum is part of Alaeddin Hill, which has a delightful flower garden, which is most beautiful in spring.

The Mevlâna Museum

Housed in another intriguing medieval Seljuk landmark, the Mevlâna Museum has long been an important centre of Muslim pilgrimage. It is the site of the tomb of the founder of the Whirling Dervishes order, Mevlâna Jelaleddin Rumî, and is best visited outside of the main prayer times.

The Caravanserai

At the heart of the city, this formidable medieval building is another place to put on your itinerary, and can easily be toured in approximately half an hour. This is just one of many Caravanserais to be built between Kayseri and Antalya, and was part of a busy trading route in the Seljuk era.

Day trip recommendation: Çatalhöyük

Just a 45-kilometre journey by car or public transport from Konya, Çatalhöyük is a mesmerising Neolothic site that is on the coveted UNESCO World Heritage Site list. This famous archaeological attraction was inhabited as far back as 7,400BC and was the location of a prehistoric settlement for around two millennia. See the striking sculptures, paintings and houses of what is certainly one of the most intact Neolothic settlements on the planet.

Where to eat out – some suggestions

If you're hoping to indulge in some traditional Turkish dishes, consider dining at the Sillehan Hotel Restaurant, Mithat Tirit or Somatci, all of which offer fantastic, freshly made cuisine. For other equally tasty Middle Eastern recipes, try the Mevlevi Sofrasi restaurant, or visit the renowned steakhouse-themed Konak Konya Cuisine restaurant.

Accommodation in Konya

Some of the most highly rated, value-for-money hotels in the city include the Hich Hotel Konya and the Bera Mevlana Hotel. For luxury accommodation, you could book a stay at the romantic Anemon Konya, the immaculate Rixos Konya, or the chic Dedeman Konya Hotel & Convention Center.

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