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Gaziantep, informally called Antep, is a city in south-east Turkey and among the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world. The city is located 185 kilometres east of Adana and 97 kilometres north of Aleppo, Syria. With such a pedigree and so much history, Gaziantep is the perfect choice for those who believe 'the older the better’.

Getting there

Flights to Gaziantep from the UK typically take between eight and thirteen hours, with layovers in places such as Amsterdam and Istanbul. Gaziantep OÄŸuzeli International Airport is 20 kilometres away from the city, and you can get a taxi or hire a car from there.

Rich in history

The old city, known as Aintap, is located 12 kilometres to the north of the present city, on the upper slopes of Nizip Hill. The area was continuously inhabited from the Paleolithic age and withstood the domination of the Assyrians, Persians, Romans, the Byzantines, Abbasid and the Seljuk Turks. Gaziantep Fortress was restored by the Byzantines in the sixth century. The fortress later saw restoration again in 1481, and in 1557 during the rule of Ottoman Emperor Suleyman the Magnificent. The fortress was also important in resistance against the French during the War of Liberation in 1921. There are 36 watchtowers, Mehmet Gazali Tomb, a mosque and a bath still intact. Excavations at the nearby Islahiye District have found that one site was functional around 1375-1335 BC, when the Hittite King Suppilulluma took over the area and started to employ Hurris, the native people. A rich collection has been unearthed here, consisting of sphinx, sculptures of lions, mountain gods and various architectural pieces. An important centre of arts and culture, nearby Karkamis is where the famous Legend of Gilgamesh took place. At present, one can observe the remains of city walls, the temple and Hilani style houses. The temples of Hittite gods Tesup and Hilani maintain many of their striking features. Zeugma Museum is the largest indoor mosaic museum in the world, and displays many pieces of unearthed mosaics and a Mars statue from Zeugma. Houses in Gaziantep are fine specimens of a rich cultural heritage. They have traditional architectural features specific to south-eastern Anatolia, Mesopotamia and Syria.


There are two bazaars which are still used today. One of them, Zincirli Bazaar, was built in the 18th century, and is locally known as 'black steps bazaar’, with 80 shops and five gates.


Gaziantep is famous for delicious lahmacun (a kind of pizza in Turkish cuisine) and sweet pastry baklava, of which Gaziantep makes the best in the world. Turkish cuisine has immensely rich flavour. In addition to dishes which date back to the Oguz Turks, the influence of Aleppo is strong. Its rich soups, rice meals, kebabs and meatballs are favorited by all. Local desserts include baklava, kunefe, burmali kadayif, sari burma, mashed pistachio and milk fat.

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