Cheap flights to Canada

Whichever part of Canada you choose to visit a memorable experience waits for you. The North American nation boasts some of the world's most attractive landscapes while also catering for those who want the hustle and bustle of city life. The French-speaking areas of Montréal and Québec add another dimension to a country that offers plenty for travellers wanting endless activities or the space to relax.

Canada's stunning natural scenery

Canada stretches from the north of the US to the southern tip of the Arctic Circle which gives it a unique selection of natural scenery to explore. The Canadian Rockies are one of the most stunning, merging snow-capped peaks, blue lakes and rolling woodland. Niagara Falls is another name you will no doubt be familiar with for all the right reasons. It's the collective title for the three waterfalls that straddle the Canadian and US border which you can admire by boat, helicopter, or from behind the falls themselves. A northern position means the Aurora Borealis - aka the Northern Lights - can also be seen at their most vivid during the winter when snow blanks many regions.

Vibrant modern cities

These vast natural landscapes stitch together Canada's many cities which present an alternative to tranquillity and endless space. Toronto is positioned on the edge of Lake Ontario and is one of the nation's most diverse. The CN Tower dominates the skyline from its Downtown location, and here you can wander through the financial district or pay a visit to the Toronto Eaton Centre with its many shops and restaurants.

Vancouver on the west coast merges city and rural life, as this densely populated area is set against a backdrop of towering mountains. Meanwhile, Montreal is an island city on the Saint Lawrence River and like Vancouver has no lack of natural landmarks. A stop at the Notre-Dame Basilica is a must when you pass through.

Year-round enjoyment

There is no best time to book flights to Canada, as every month of the year presents new opportunities to experience something different. The winter period attracts skiers to the north with Whistler, Banff and Lake Louise among the most popular destinations. During the warmer periods the country's sprawling national parks are populated by keen hikers, climbers and campers wanting a glimpse of the wildlife that populates each park. Events and festivals held throughout the year convince travellers to return regularly, partly for the country's hospitable citizens. Vancouver's Celebration of Light is the world's largest firework's festival, and Canada Day on July 1st brings the nation together to celebrate Canada's birth.

Canada travel tips

How long is a flight from England to Canada?

It takes around 7 hours and 30 minutes to fly from England to Canada

When is the cheapest time to go to Canada?

October through December as well as January through March seem to be the cheapest months to book Canada, avoiding the holiday season.

What is the distance between the UK and Canada?

The air travel distance between the UK and Canada is around 5,800 kilometers or 3,600 miles.