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The kingdom of Cambodia is a piece of South-East Asia with a fascinating past. Visit the misty structures of local buildings or hike through the gorgeous mountains with to see this beautiful country up close.

Get out and about

Cambodia is often visited by travellers looking to broaden their horizons and learn more about the world, so you'll find plenty of friendly and accommodating people around on your trip with The country itself is close to a number of other popular spots like Laos. If you wish to stop off during your time here, however, there is more than enough in Cambodia to keep you interested.

The old temples of Angkor Wat once belonged to the Cambodian royal family. Now they make for a spooky tour and historic learning experience, not to mention some great photo opportunities. Once you begin to learn about this country's past you might want to carry on at the Genocide Museum or the Killing Fields. Although the subject matter can be a little tough, the disturbing past of this country is portrayed well in both of these spots, and you'll learn about how the country has managed to rebuild itself since its darker days.

If you feel you need some lighter entertainment afterwards, jungle tours and elephant rides are extremely popular with tourists, and are sure to put a smile on your face.

Cambodian food

You'll quickly learn during your trip that Cambodian food centres on rice and freshwater fish. The traditional dishes are typically very healthy and packed with different flavours to the standard UK food. Fish Amok is available at most Cambodian restaurants. The dish is made from steamed coconut fish served in banana leaves and is usually very well received. Twa Ko is a Cambodian sausage for those meat eaters amongst you, and provides an interesting twist on the classic form.

Places to stay

Cambodian people are famously hospitable, and you won't be disappointed on your stay. Make a choice from urban digs like Kampong Thom Village Hotel, tall blocks with smaller but handsome rooms that make for the perfect base on your journey. Or else you can choose somewhere like the sprawling beach shores of the Sokha Beach Resort.

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