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Although closer to Tunis than Rome, Cagliari – Sardinia’s largest city – is an effortlessly Italianate stronghold of sumptuous architecture and graceful style. Built from brilliant white marble and soft, golden stone, Cagliari is a joy to walk around. Often bathed in warmth as the Mediterranean breeze sways the palms on the handsome marina, it is tempting to sit with the locals in the cafés and appreciate Cagliari’s easy-going charm. Venture further into the city, however, and you’ll discover its age-old beauty. With Roman amphitheatres, Byzantine basilicas and colonial forts attesting to Cagliari’s ancient spirit, the city is one of the best places to see a melting-pot of civilisations, each influencing the city’s unique identity. Watching the sun set while relaxing in one of Cagliari’s wonderful piazzas is also a must-see in this enchanting city.


Flights into Cagliari from London take you into Cagliari Elmas Airport, a short distance from the city centre. From the harbour, the nearby St Saturnino Basilica is worth exploring. A Palaeo-Christian church, the site is one of the oldest on the island, with its Romanesque style dating back to the 6th century.


After savouring the ancient intimacy of the basilica, you’ll enjoy the even older spectacle of Cagliari’s magnificent Roman amphitheatre. Carved out from the island’s white sandstone cliffs, the amphitheatre is an evocative arena and regularly holds summer concerts. An evening at the opera here is an unforgettable experience.


The aged nucleus of the city is its imposing castle and looming Pisan towers. Within its mighty ramparts stand a beguiling array of medieval domes, towers, churches and cloistered alleys. Foremost among these is the cathedral whose milky-white marble façade is a wonder to behold. Such is the magical allure of the Old Town – the creamy limestone and marbled architecture exuding a warm glow as the sun rises - that DH Lawrence likened Cagliari to a 'white Jerusalem’.

Food and drink

Cagliari’s rich culinary heritage has a unique character distinct from the rest of the island. Due to its busy port, the city has a proud seafood tradition with many fine dishes on offer. St Remy is a local favourite serving Sardinian classics with panache, while Luigi Pomata specialises in stylish seafood and fresh fish sourced locally. Don’t forget to sample some of Cagliari’s excellent selection of wines, produced in the nearby vineyards of the Campidano plain. The Cannonau, Nuragus and the Nasco come highly recommended.

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